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When Love Hurts 44

When Love Hurts 44

Ishikawa was looking the crowd walking outside through the glass of the cafeteria. The cup of coffee in her hands was almost cold, but she wasn’t paying attention to it, not even to her best friend, who was seated in front of her trying to hold a conversation with her without luck.

“Where are you, Rika-chan?”

“What do you mean?” asked Ishikawa turning her head to look at Shibata “I’m right here”

“No, you’re not. Where’s my friend?” asked the girl worried “What happened to the cheerful Rika-chan that I knew?”

“I can’t be happy all the time”

Ayumi lent back in the chair and crossed her arms.

“You used to be, ‘till Erika step into your life”

“You don’t know anything about that” replied Rika with the coldest voice ever.

“Then maybe it’s time for you to tell me?”

“It’s none of your business”

“You’re my best friend, of course it is!”

Shibata raised too much her voice and all the people in the cafeteria looked at her. She was ashamed, but seeing that Ishikawa was going to leave, she stood up from the chair and took her friend’s hand.

“Rika-chan, please” she said making her friend to sit again “I’m not the only one worried”

Ishikawa’s face turned from angry to surprise. There were more people who knew about Erika?

“Some girls came to me ‘cause they saw you with her and wanna know what’s happening. They think that she’s using you”

“That’s silly. Why would want Erika to use me?”

“I don’t know. The only thing I’m sure about is that, since the day she joined, you’ve changed. And I’m not talking just about your attitude towards me… What happened with Yoshizawa? One day you tell me you’re madly in love with her and the next…”

“Stop it”

Ishikawa didn’t let her friend to finish the sentence. She turned again her head towards the glass and looked at the people outside. She needed to think the words carefully before saying anything.

“I’m not going to tell you what happened with Yossi ‘cause that’s something between us and nobody else. And about Erika…, maybe I’m the one who’s using her”

“What do you mean?”

“She was just in the right place at the right time”

The way that her friend was talking began to desperate Shibata. Rika-chan wasn’t answering her questions and was making things even more confused. But she needed to know more. It wasn’t only to reassure the other girls.

“So… she helped you with something about Yossi?” tried to ask again.

Rika-chan didn’t answer and looked at her watch.

“It’s late. I have to go”

Ayumi couldn’t do anything to hold her friend. She just stayed in her chair looking at Ishikawa leaving the cafeteria.

Maybe she didn’t get any answer to her worries, but there was something that she was sure about. Something really big happened with Yoshizawa and Erika had something to do in it. She just needed to know what.

To be continued...


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When Love Hurts 43

I hate my pc... I've couldn't do anything the whole weak 'cause it had a virus or something.
Well... now it's solved, finally, and today I've could write the next part.
I hope you like it.

When Love Hurts 43

Fujimoto was running through the corridors towards the set where they were recording the next Hello! Morning. She was late and almost breathless. And it was all fault of the taxi driver. Days like that made Miki wish to have her own drive license.

“Sorry” she excused herself when she came inside the set “I’ve had a problem coming… ¿Where’s everybody?”

She looked around. Just some of the girls were there with two or three staff guys.

“We have the day free” answered Eri “It seems that part of the set and some cameras were damaged with yesterday earthquake”

“And nobody could inform us? It’s a waste of time to come here for nothing” said Fujimoto a little pissed of.

“Yeah. Almost all the girls went home and Sayu and I were leaving already”

The younger was going to leave but Miki still had another question.

“Eh…, Eri, you’ve seen Yossi?”

Kamei denied with her head.

“I thought she was going to stay at home today because of her injury”

“Yeah, I think so…”

“Why don’t you call her?” sugested Eri “And tell her to recover soon. I can’t stand seeing Sayu crying in the corners all day because her prince is hurt”

“I’ll do it” replied Miki smiling.

After Kamei left, she took her phone. But, instead of calling Yossi, she just checked the mailbox for some message. She didn’t tell Eri but, actually, Miki was trying to talk with her girlfriend since she woke up. After all her attempts, nobody answered at her home and she seemed to have her cell-phone turned off. There was no signal of Yocchan.

Miki began to walk still with the cell-phone in her hand. She could go to her girlfriend’s apartment. Maybe Yossi was still sleeping and she didn’t hear the phone at all.


A voice behind her made Miki shiver.

“Could you please tell me what have you done to your girlfriend? She looks like a zombie”

“I haven’t done any… Wait, you’ve seen Yossi? She’s here?”

Nakazawa seemed surprised by Miki’s question.

“Yeah… She’s here since early morning. She shut herself up on the music room and hasn’t talked with anyone. I thought that you…”

She couldn’t finish the sentence ‘cause Miki had already disappeared.

“That kid… She even hadn’t said thank you….”


“You left early this morning”

Maki placed a hand on her friend’s shoulder who was too concentrated on what she was doing to notice the other girl’s presence.


“You didn’t sleep last night, don’t you?

“I have such an awful face today?” asked Yossi leaving the piece of paper that she had upon the piano.

“Oh yeah” said Gocchin. Then, she took the paper and a smile appeared in her face “Well, whatever that’s bothering you it seems to wake up your creative side. That’s…”

“That’s nothing” cut Yoshizawa taking the paper from the hands of her friend and crumpling it “Just rubbish”

Maki was going to say something to protest but then Fujimoto rushed into the room and there was a big silence.

“Mm… maybe I should leave you alone” said Maki going to the door and closing it behind her.

By the look on her girlfriend’s face Yossi could see that she was worried, or maybe she was still feeling awkward because of what happened the day before.

“I’m sorry” said Fujimoto going next to Hitomi “I’d shouldn’t left you alone yesterday…”

“Don’t worry” Yossi took the other girl’s hands on hers “I understand”

“You know I trust you, right?”

“I know”

“Then, let’s forget about yesterday”

Miki sit next to Yossi in the piano’s bench and her girlfriend looked at her confused.

“What are you doing?” asked Hitomi when she saw Miki pressing some keys without any order.

“I want to play the piano with you. So…” A big smile appeared on Miki’s face “…teach me, pleeease~”


Gottsan took the last look through the glass of the door and then at her right hand, where she had something that she’d taken from the room before Yossi noticed about it. Then, she smiled, put it away in her pocket and left with an idea in her mind.

To be continued...

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When Love Hurts 42

another one done ^^

When Love Hurts 42

Hitomi looked at the girl lying next to her who was sleeping peacefully. It looked so different from the woman that she was on the stage. When she fell asleep it was like if she could go back to the Maki that Yossi met years ago, when both were young and innocent.

She couldn’t remember how many times they ended like this, talking until late night in the bed, sharing their worries, their deepest thoughts or just laughing at some funny that happened during the day. Sometimes, they stayed awake until morning; sometimes they were too tired and fell asleep after a few minutes. But, not matter if it was for a second or for hours, Yossi always felt relieved if she could share those moments with Maki.

But now, she wasn’t even sleepy. After what happened with Rika hours ago, the memories was so vivid that, if she tried to close here eyes, she could feel the pain as she felt it the first time she placed her hands on Ishikawa’s body that night.


“She doesn’t need you anymore…”

That wasn’t exactly what Yossi was expecting when she called her girlfriend. It wasn’t even Rika-chan who picked up the phone.

After her last fight with Ishikawa, Yossi went to talk with Gocchin looking for some friend’s advice after what happened. The first thing she did after leaving Maki’s apartment was to call Rika ‘cause she wanted to apologize for the way she left and try to talk with her in a civilized way before things went worst.

What she wasn’t expecting it was to hear Erika’s voice at the other side of the line.

And there she was, waiting in Rika’s doorway, with a lot of questions in her mind.

“You’re late, you know? She doesn’t want to see you”

Erika again. She was who opened the door, and the fact that she was half naked it wasn’t something that helped Yossi to relax.

“Let me in” demanded Yossi”

“Give up already, Yoshizawa. She not the innocent Rika-chan anymore”

She’s not… innocent anymore?

What was trying Erika to say? And then, putting two and two together, she realized the truth. She’d lost Rika completely.


“What’s going on with you today?” asked Makoto “I know Koharu can be annoying but she’s doing her best to like you”

“I’m tired of babysitting…”

The cold answer left Mako-chan even more worried. From three days ago, Yossi had began to act like a dictator, shouting around and scolding the girls for every little mistake they did, specially Koharu, who seemed to have all her attention. She was sure there was something really big bugging her leader.


“What are you doing here?”

Rika-chan was scared, really scared. She’d never had seen that look on her girlfriend’s face. It was anger, sadness, desperation… But why was Hitomi that way? She was the one hurt. Yossi didn’t have the right to be upset.

“I haven’t seen you in almost one week. I’ve missed you” Yoshizawa’s voice was cold.

The situation turned more awkward when Rika felt Yossi’s arms around her waist, holding her in a suffocating grip.

“You’re drunk?” asked Ishikawa when Yossi’s breathe caressed her lips.

The anticipation of what’s going to happen travelled around Rika’s body in the form of goosebumps. But she was too afraid to do anything.

“Yossi…, don’t…”

She tried to say something when she felt one of her girlfriend’s hands leaving her waist and going under the shorts of the pyjama, but Hitomi sealed her lips with a brutal kiss. There was no love in it, just rage.

“Stop it… please…”


A tear began to roll down Yossi’s face. There wasn’t a single day that she didn’t regret what happened…

“I’m… I’m sorry, Rika-chan. I didn’t want to…”

Ishikawa was too shocked to say anything. She just could look at Yossi and cry asking her why.

“I’m sorry…” repeated Hitomi who began to cry too.

“Get out…” said Rika finally with and almost inaudible voice “Please…”

The sunrise illuminated the room and Hitomi turned to look at her friend who was still sleeping.

“Thank you” she whispered removing carefully a lock of hair from Maki’s face “I don’t know what I’d had done without you…”

To be continued...


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When Love Hurts 41

When Love Hurts 41

“You don’ have to be here if you don’t want it”

It seemed that Aya was reading her mind all night. It wasn’t exactly that she didn’t want to be with her best friend but, somehow, she felt bad leaving Yossi alone the way she did it. Her girlfriend must be thinking that she was angry.

“You argued with Yossi?”

“No…” answered Miki coming back from her inner thoughts.

“Then, why aren’t you taking care of your injured knight?”

This time, Aya’s question sounded more like if she was making fun of what happened.

“Don’t start again with that” said Miki.

“What? I’ve just made a question”

“The mocking tone in your voice is annoying, you know?

Aya crossed her arms and looked at her friend trying to seem serious.

“Well, is ironic how your girlfriend was hurt saving the woman who’s trying to break your relationship. Oh! And don’t forget the kiss… It was so romantic…”

“Aya, stop it”

“Don’t tell me that you didn’t feel your guts burning when you saw it…”

“Shut up!”

The shout made Matsuura take a step back. For a moment, she thought that Miki was going to hit her.

“I… I’m… sorry” Fujimoto apologized when she saw her friend scared “It just… of course it made my blood boils but… How can I reproach anything to Yocchan when I’m in the same situation with you?”

“Hey! Don’t dare to compare me with I’m-Charmy-the-Bitch ok?” Ayaya took an offended pose and give her back to her friend “I’m much better”

Miki couldn’t help but laugh. Seeing Aya with her hands in her waist, eyes closed and jaw raised, acting as if what she said was the most offensive thing it was definitely a good way to loosen the atmosphere between them.

“What’s so funny?” asked Ayaya looking at her out the corner of her eyes but without turning completely.

“Sorry…” said Miki controlling her laugh “I just was thinking… Thanks God you’re not like her. The last we need is another maniac-obsessive around”

Matsuura seated on the couch and took Miki’s hand to make her sit next to her. Then, Fujimoto placed her head on Aya’s shoulder and closed her eyes.

“I would never hurt you, Mikitan”

“I know”


“Sorry if I’ve woke you up”

“No, it’s ok. I’ve just came back and I was going to take a bath”

Maki let her friend come inside the apartment and closed the door behind. Yossi seemed worried and that she went to visit her at late night it could only mean one thing and it’s name was Ishikawa.

“You shouldn’t be at home resting? I’ve heard that you got injured with the earthquake”

“I’m better now”

“You want to stay here tonight?”

Yossi nodded and Maki didn’t need anything more. She wasn’t going to ask what happened or why she wasn’t with Miki. She was just going to do what she always did. Comfort the one she loved without worrying about anything else.

To be continued...


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When Love Hurts 40

yes, after almost 4 days i've could finish the chapter... I hope you like it :P

When Love Hurts 40


Almost four hours since Miki left.

“You don’t have to explain anything. I know how she is”

“You’re not mad?”

No, she wasn’t mad, it was worst. Fujimoto was deceived. It was something that Yossi could read clearly in her girlfriend’s face. She didn’t blame Miki for feeling that way. Hitomi herself felt the same. She was deceived ‘cause she hadn’t enough willpower to fight against Ishikawa’s attacks.

“You’re leaving?”

“Yeah. I still have things to do and you must rest”

The door closed behind her. There was no kiss, no caring words…

Yossi looked at the watch again. 21:11h

She got up from the bed, took her jacket and left the apartment. It was time to do something.


Rika place a little box on the table and seated on the couch looking at it. It seemed that an eternity had passed since the last time she opened that box. She leant to the table again and removed the lid slowly.

There were so many memories there. Almost three years of relationship gathered with pics, silly gifts, letters… and a piece of fabric. She took it in her hands and caressed it. It was the last thing she put inside the box as a keepsake of how hurt she was, to remember the humiliation that she felt.

Suddenly, someone knocked at the door. Ishikawa hid the box quickly under the table and went to see who was there. She thought that it could be Shibata. She called before to ask Rika if she want to go out to dinner but Ishikawa denied and maybe she was there to insist.

But she had a big surprise when she opened the door and saw someone totally unexpected.

“Can I come in?”

Ishikawa just nodded and let her come inside the apartment, wondering why she was there, and most important, why she seemed so cordial.

“I was thinking…” she began to say before Rika could ask anything “…why I’ve risked my life to save someone that I despise…”


“Maybe because I don’t hate you as much as I thought?” she continued

Rika didn’t know what to think. Yocchan should be angry at her. Miki saw them kissing each other and they probably had fought. Then, why she wasn’t shouting and breaking things around her?

“I know what you’re thinking, Rika-chan” said Yossi going near her and smiling “She wasn’t mad. She knew that it was you who kissed me”

“Then, what are you doing here?”

Hitomi stepped even closer and raised a hand to stroke Ishikawa’s hair before to speak again.

“I’m here ‘cause I’ve realized that I don’t care if she’s mad or not” she said while her hand slip down to Rika’s face “Because the only thing that matters to me right now is that you’re not injured”

The younger’s touch made Ishikawa shiver. How long it was since Yossi had touched her that way? Even her body seemed to have forgotten how it felts…

“Yocchan…” she said leaning to find Hitomi’s lips “…I love you…”

“Now tell me…” whispered Yossi “Can you feel it?”

The kiss never arrived and Rika-chan suddenly felt Yoshizawa’s body moving away from her.

“What…?” asked her confused.

“The pain, Ishikawa…”

Then, the truth slapped her right in the face.

“It hurts right?” asked Yossi with a cold voice “…when you realized that someone was playing with your feelings…”

“Why?” demanded Rika fighting the tears that began to form in her eyes.

“Because I’m tired of your little game. I want my life back”

“Then, you must have thought it better before doing what you did to me that night!”

Rika’s words were desperate and she knew it, but it was the only way she could make Yossi stay with her. And for a moment it seemed to work ‘cause the younger hold Ishikawa by the arms and attracted the girl towards her again.

But this time, the touch wasn’t loving. Yoshizawa’s fingers were digging in her skin with anger almost breaking it. They’re faces where inches away, their lips a breath from touching, and they’re breathing began to be rough.

“That’s the way you want me?”

“Yes” answered Rika with a tone more defiant than scared “If that’s the only way I can have you…”

“You’re sick”

“You’re the one who forced me” said Ishikawa caressing Yossi’s lips with her words “Who’s sicker?”

Hitomi had enough of that conversation and throw Rika-chan on the couch careless.

“You’re always saying that I’ll be always yours because of what happened…, wanna know something?” she said leaning over the older “That night is the main reason why I can’t be with you. Every time you touch me I remember how weak I was… It makes me feel dirty”

That was the last that she said before stand up and went to the door.

Rika couldn’t say a single word. She just stayed there, in silence, while Yossi was leaving the apartment. It was the first time that she felt totally defeated.

And then, there was again…, the loneliness.

To be continued...


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When Love Hurts 39

When Love Hurts 39

“You should rest and tomorrow go to the hospital” said the doctor “It’s just a dislocated shoulder but it would be better if you take some tests. Just to be sure”


The girls left the room after the doctor gave Hitomi some pills against the pain. She was lucky that it was just a dislocation. Now the shoulder was at her place again and she just would feel a little aching for some days.

“I’m glad that it wasn’t worst”

“Why are you still here?” asked Yossi turning to look at the other girl “I’m not gonna die so you don’t have to pretend anymore”

“I’m not pretending” said Ishikawa really serious “I was worried. If something happen to you…”

There was a silence. Both girls looked at each other without knowing what to say. Then, Rika took the first step and went closer.

“Why have you done it?” she asked placing her hand carefully upon the hurt shoulder and letting it to slip down on Yossi’s arm.

“I’d have done the same for anyone. Don’t think that you’re special”


“That I can’t stand you it doesn’t mean that I want to see you being hurt” continued Yossi.

“Well, that’s better than nothing…”

Hitomi was tired and made a new attempt to leave but there was Ishikawa’s hand again to hold her.

“Let me go” demanded Yoshizawa.

But Rika-chan didn’t obeyed and made quite the contrary. She went closer to Yossi and surrounded the taller’s waist with her arms.

“Thank you” she whispered burying her face in Hitomi’s chest.

Yossi thought that maybe, for once, she could forget everything and just hold her. The earthquake was a shock for everyone and she had to be still scared. A friendly hold it wasn’t going to hurt anyone… At least, as long as Rika could keep it friendly and she didn’t try anything else…

“It feels so good to be in your arms like this again…”

In her mind, Yoshizawa agreed with Rika’s words. It feels good, really good, even too much if she despised the girl who was in her arms. That couldn’t be right.

“Don’t mix things, Ishikawa…” she said trying to move away.

Rika took advantage of Hitomi’s injury and made her stay close. Then, she saw a pair of silhouettes that she knew perfectly and took it as a perfect opportunity for her plans. Without warning, she raised her head and captured Yossi’s lips with hers.

The taller wasn’t expecting that move and caught her totally unaware. That’s why she couldn’t react for a few seconds. When Yossi finally realized, she pushed Ishikawa away with her good arm.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she demanded remembering her angry against the girl in front of her.

“I could ask you exactly the same” said a cold voice behind her.

Yoshizawa didn’t need to turn her head to know who the owner of the voice was. She knew it, and she was going to regret the moment of weakness that she had before with Rika.

“The girls said me that you were injured but you shouldn’t be so bad, don’t you?”

“Don’t talk like this Miki” said Yossi “You know things aren’t how it looks like”

Fujimoto didn’t reply. She just took her girlfriend’s hand and looked at her eyes.

“Come on, I’ll take you home”

After the girls left, Matsuura looked at Rika who was smiling with pleasure after what happened.

“If I didn’t know that’s impossible I’d tell that you’ve done all that on purpose”

“You think I’d hurt Yossi just to make my plans work?” she answered offended.

“No, of course not. But I don’t know how you manage to be always in the right place at the right time”

“I’m a lucky girl?”

Rika-chan smiled devilish and turned her back to Aya leaving the younger alone with her thoughts.

To be continued...


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When Love Hurts 38

and here's another one


When Love Hurts 38

“Is everybody ok?” asked a staff member.

Rika was trying to stand up. She was still a little stunned after the earthquake and her legs were shaking. Ishikawa didn’t remember clearly what happened, just the tremor and everything around her falling. Then, someone pushing her.

She looked around and saw the big painting of the hall on the floor.

“You’re ok, Yoshizawa-san?”

Yossi? She was here?

“Yeah, I’m fine”

“Really?” asked the guy worried “You’re lucky. That thing could have hit you really hard”

Ishikawa turned her head to look at the younger who was standing against the wall, holding her right arm and pretending to be all right. But she knew Yossi for so many years already to know perfectly when she’s hiding something.

“Let’s go” she said taking Yossi by the hand and leaving the hall.

“Hey! Wait!” complained the taller “What do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m bringing you to the sickbay”

“I’m not going anywhere with you” answered Hitomi angry “I have to find Miki”

“Fujimoto can wait. You need to see a doctor”

“No, I don’t” said Yossi releasing her hand from Rika’s “I’m ok and I’m going to search for Miki”

Seeing that Yoshizawa wasn’t going to hear her, she didn’t have more alternatives than hit her where she knew that Yossi was hurt.

The pain made Hitomi scream.

“See? You’re not ok” said Rika taking again the other girl’s hand “Come on”

This time, Yossi just followed her in silence trying to hold the tears caused by the pain in her shoulder.


Miki didn’t want to open her eyes. She was too scared that she’d even forgotten who was holding her until the other girl spoke.

“It’s over, Miki”

“You’re sure?” she asked with a tiny, cracked voice.


She slowly opened her eyes and looked around. She was save, the world was still there and she was in Aya’s arms…


Suddenly, Fujimoto realized what she was doing and tried to move away from her friend, but Aya didn’t let her go.

“Aya, I’m bet… I’m better now” she said avoiding Matsuura’s eyes.

“I’d like to be like this forever…” Ayaya hold her tightly again and rested her head on Miki’s shoulder.

“This isn’t the best moment to talk about that, you know?”

“Yeah… sorry” said Aya finally letting Miki go “We… we should find if everybody is ok, right?”

Miki nodded. She was glad that things weren’t worst, and she wasn’t thinking just about the earthquake. If Aya had insisted or tried to kiss her, Miki was sure that she couldn’t fight against it. That’s why she hated so much the earthquakes… There were just two things that made her vulnerable, that and the girl in front of her.

To be continued...
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When Love Hurts 37
hii! I've been too busy lately.. that's why I haven't been around so much these days, but here I am again!

When Love Hurts 37

The cafeteria was desert. It wasn’t lunch time yet, but Nono always liked to be there before the others so she could enjoy her meal without any distraction. Some chicken, a salad, a bowl of rice and a big piece of cake that the waitress always reserved specially for her.

But this time, when she was ready to attack the dessert, a bunch of girls came into the room running directly towards her.

“We have to a… ask you… a favour” said Risa breathless because of the running.


“Yesterday we discovered something about Rika-chan and we need you to ask her about it” said Ai-chan.

Nono seemed too distracted with her cake and didn’t pay attention at first.

“Non-chan? You’ve heard us?” asked Makoto a little pissed off.

This time Nozomi raised her head and looked at her friends with killer eyes.

“I’m bfuzy, azk Sfhibyachfan” said finally pointing to the components of Melon Kinenbi who had just arrived.

The girls were still looking at her without having any idea of what she said. There were just a few privileged persons who could understand Nono when she had her mouth full, and there wasn’t anyone of them around. She tucked away the remains of the cake and sighted with satisfaction before repeat again what she said.

“Shiba-chan. She’s Rika’s best friend, remember? If there’s someone who…”

“Eri!” exclaimed Makoto cutting Nozomi’s words and turning to the younger “Go and bring Shiba-chan here”

“Why me…?”


Kamei obeyed, not without complaint a little more before, and went to the side of the cafeteria where the four girls were. Nono saw how the younger whispered something in Shibata’s ear. Ayumi smiled, made a gesture to her friends and then followed Eri.

“Kamei-chan told me that you need to ask me something” she said sitting next to Nozomi “What’s it?”

Owaga turned the chair and sat in front of Shibata as if she was going to begin an interrogation. But before she could say a word, Nono ask Risa to made Mako-chan shut up before she could say something too direct.

“It’s about Rika-chan. The girls discovered something and wanna ask you about it”

“Well…” said Shibata interested “I don’t know if I’ll be able to help you, but ask”

Makoto tried to speak again but this time was Ai-chan who overtook her.

“Yesterday we saw Rika-chan and…”

Suddenly, Takahashi went silent when a little tremor shook the room. All the girls looked at each other a little freaked out but seeing that it wasn’t a big thing they relaxed again.

“It’s ok, it was just a short one” said Shiba-chan “So, what were you sa…”

Then, the ‘big brother’ came.


“You have plans with Yossi today?”

“No. She’s going to dinner with her family tonight”

“So, you’re free?” asked Aya happily.

“Yeah, but I was planning to spend the night at home. I’m really tired lately”

Miki could see the deception in the eyes of her friend. Maybe she should try to spend more time with her, bring things to normal again. It couldn’t be so difficult…

“You could make me company, if you want”

“Sure! I’ll bring some dvds and tha…”

Both girls felt the ground tremble a little and, quickly, Miki took Aya’s hand.

“Don’t worry, Tan” she said knowing how much Miki hated earthquakes “It was just a li…”

The next that Aya could remember it was Miki holding her tightly.

To be continued...
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When Love Hurts 36

When Love Huts 36

“That woman’s crazy!”

“You should know that already”

Yossi can’t stop laughing while her girlfriend was explaining her odyssey with the two elders the past night.

“It’s not funny” said Fujimoto serious.

“Yeah, yeah. You’re right” answered Hitomi wiping the tears in her face “At least they could have called me. I was worried…”

“I’m talking about Tsunku!”


If Yoshizawa didn’t know her girl she could say that Miki was loosing her temper.

“Don’t say ‘Oh’ and stay there with that stupid face! What we should do?!”

“Ok. First, relax” said Yossi taking Fujimoto by her shoulders and shaking her a little “And second…, you’re overreacting”

“I’m not ovemmph…”

The taller sealed Miki’s words with an unexpected kiss which seemed to erase all her worries.

“Better?” asked Yocchan after a few seconds.

“Mmm… Maybe if you do that again…” said Miki still with her eyes closed.

Hitomi acceded to her girlfriend’s request and leaned to kiss her again. It was short, too short. She liked to tease Miki and knew that the older hadn’t enough with that and that she soon would be complaining. That was the best way to make Fujimoto forget about everything that could worry her, to play with her lust until made anything else disappear from her mind.

But this time it didn’t work…

“Yocchan… what we should do?”

Yossi stopped and looked at her.

“We’ll tell him” she answered seriously.

“You’re su…”

“But not now” continued Hitomi “We need time to resolve all the problems before we could tell him anything”

Miki moved away a little feeling uncomfortable with the idea of telling her boss about their relationship.

“You don’t think he could do something to us…” she asked worried.

“The only thing I can tell you if that we’re not the first couple here, and you know perfectly who I’m talking about…”

“You mean that he knows about them?”

“Nakazawa-san told him a few years ago” answered Yossi.

“He didn’t do anything?”

“Well, I just know what Yuuchan told me. It seems that he just scolded them a little, remembering that they shouldn’t date with anyone, inside or outside the group and blah blah blah, you know, the same as ever. But finally he gave her blessings to them, as long as their relationship was a secret”

With that, Miki seemed to relax a little and hold her girlfriend again.

“But for now…” said Hitomi caressing Miki’s hair “…you don’t have to worry about that, ok?”


“And now, let’s talk about how fun was your night” said sticking her tongue out and running away from Miki before she could kill her.

To be continued...

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When Love Hurts 35

When Love Hurts 35

As she was leaving the studio, something told her that it wasn’t going to be so easy to go home. Her fears were confirmed when she saw the two girls in front of her.

“Miki-chan! Let’s go to drink something!” Yuko didn’t bother to ask, she just took Fujimoto and pulled her into the car in spit of the younger’s complaints.

“We shouldn’t wait Yocchan?” asked Kei laughing “She’ll be angry if we kidnap her girlfriend this way”

“Naah, I want to talk with Miki-chan alone”

Fujimoto looked at her elder with fear in her eyes and asked something knowing perfectly the answer.

“You’re already drunk, don’t you?”


“Where the hell is she?”

Yossi pressed the call button in her cell-phone again. It was the fourth time she was trying to speak with Miki and she didn’t pick up the phone. Yoshizawa didn’t know if she should be angry or worried. It became a habit to wait for each other at the end of the day even if they weren’t going anywhere, just to enjoy each other company for a little longer. But that day it seemed that Miki forgot about it.

When Hitomi was going to do the fifth attempt, someone appeared at her side.

“You’ve lost your princess?”

The cold tone in Aya’s voice made Yossi shiver. It was a sign that told her that this conversation wasn’t going to be a friendly one.

“She probably went home already” answered Yoshizawa trying to avoid Aya’s eyes.

“You know…., you don’t deserve her”

“And who deserve her? Someone who has been ignoring her feeling for years?” fight back Yossi.

Hitomi knew that Matsuura wasn’t the type of girl who likes verbal fighting but this time it seemed that the other girl didn’t want to give up so easily.

“I know how you are, Yoshizawa. You like to play the knight in shinning armor saving helpless girls and then…”

“You don’t know anything about me” cut Yossi tired of Aya’s words “It was Miki’s choice to be with me. You had your opportunity and you lost it. Deal with it”

Yossi put the phone in the jacket’s pocket and began to walk away leaving Matsuura behind who didn’t dare to say anything to reply.


“So… it’s official now?”

“Well, just some people now about us” answered Miki “I don’t know if you can call that to be official”

Yuko had been making silly questions all night but it seemed that, as much as she drunk, more serious she was.

“You know… I love Yocchan…, we love Yocchan” corrected herself holding Kei closer to her “And we’re not going to let anyone hurt her. She’s our favourite girl”

“I know” said Fujimoto a little scared with Yuko’s look.

The older released the grip on her girlfriend and move closer to Miki who tried to avoid the contact.

“Then, if you’re serious about that relationship, you should tell Tsunku before he knows it through another person”

To be continued...
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When Love Hurts 34

I know for some people it's not going to be a surprise but... Rika's lover is finally revealed! XDDD

When Love Hurts 34

“We shouldn’t do that here…”

“You wanna stop?” asked a playful Ai-chan.

“No…” Risa’s answer was followed by a kiss “…but the cameras…”

“It’s funnier this way”

Gaki-san complaints were silenced by another kiss, this time deeper, and a hand travelling down her body.

“Don’t tell me you’re not enjoying it…”

A mischievous smile appeared on Gaki’s face.

“You’re really a weird girl, Takahashi”

“Yeah, but that’s why you love me”

Ai-chan was leaning to kiss her again when they heard steps going towards the room. Quickly, Risa lifted up and took her girlfriend to the closet that was in the room, which luckily it was big enough to hide both girls inside. Gaki-san closed the door just in time to see two girls coming into the room.

“Hmm… we’d never done that before…” said Takahashi playing with Risa’s hair between her fingers.

“Sshhh… I wanna hear them”

‘So, how’s everything?’


‘Really? It seems like you’re avoiding me these days’

‘I have more things to do than just think about you…’

“Isn’t that Rika-chan?” asked Takahashi who was already interested in the conversation too.

“I think so… But I can’t hear them clearly…”

“Let me see…”

Ai-chan opened slightly the door looking through a little gap.

‘Your plans aren’t going how you want, right? That’s why you’re so upset’

‘I have all under control’

‘Then why I’ve seen Yoshizawa and Fujimoto so lovely with each other today? They don’t even seem to be hiding their relationship…’

Ishikawa looked hurt. It was like if the other girl enjoyed seeing her this way.

‘You wanna help me or just make fun of me?’

‘Help you, of course’ said the other girl taking Rika-chan from the waist and attracting her ‘You know I’m the only one who has been at your side since all that started’ she tried to kiss Rika but Ishikawa moved away before.

‘Not now, Erika. I have to go…’

“What’s happening?” asked Risa trying to reach the door too “I want to watch too”

“You’re not going to believe it…”


Then, they heard Rika-chan leaving the room.

‘That stupid girl…After all I’ve done and she still loves Yoshizawa. I can’t let her to give up or she’s going to ruin all the fun…’

“Why the hell she’s talking alone?” asked Risa.

“And you said that I’m weird…”

Erika leaved the room too and the gokies were alone again.

“Come on…” said Gaki opening the closet’s door “We have to tell Makochi about this”

But before she could go out, Ai-chan’s hand took her by the arm and pulled her into the closet again.

“Wait…” she whispered into her lover’s ear “We still have to finish something…”

To be continued...
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When Love Hurts 33

When Love Hurts 33

“Then, it’s all OK with Aya?”

“Sort of…”

“How?” asked Yossi confused “You patched things up, don’t you?”

Miki turned off the lights and laid in the bed next to her girlfriend.

“Yeah but… I don’t know. It’s too weird” she said resting her head on Yossi’s chest and an arm around the younger’s waist “I was the one who told her to forget everything and be friends but, with all that happened, I don’t feel like trusting her as before. You know…, if there’s something I really hate is the people I love lying or having secrets to me…”

She didn’t know why, but Hitomi could feel that Miki wasn’t talking just about Aya and remembered her talk with Ishikawa just a few hours ago. She considered telling Miki everything but, as she said before, it was something between her and Rika, something that she couldn’t forget. As hard as she tried it was going to be always with her.

Fujimoto noticed the change of mood in the other girl and raised her hand to caress Yossi’s cheek while looking at her. She remembered Rika’s words but she fight the urge to ask about it.

“Something’s wrong?”

Hitomi took Miki’s hand and placed a sweet kiss on it. Aya had to be wrong. Someone so careful couldn’t hurt anyone.

“I want you to promise me something” said Yossi seriously.


“If someday I do anything that could hurt you, slap me with all your strength, ok?”

The older laughed at Yossi’s request but nodded and accepted the promise.

“You’re the one acting weird now, you know?” said Miki still smiling and leaning to kiss her lover’s lips.

“I’m acting weird?

“Yeah. If there’s something bothering you, you could tell me…” Miki saw Hitomi frown and decide to change the topic to something that could relax the other girl “…or you just can forget about it and make love to me…”

Yossi raised and eyebrow at Miki’s suggestion. With all that was in her mind she shouldn’t be in the mood to do anything more than sleep, but there was something in the other girl that she couldn’t resist.

When Miki was going to give up and go to sleep, Yocchan rolled on the bed and placed herself on top of her girlfriend.

“How do you do it?”

“How do I do what?” asked Miki with a playing tone in her voice seeing the desperate look in her girl’s eyes.

“How can you turn me on so badly with just a few words?”


“Miki heard us?” asked Rika to the person at the other side of the line.

Yeah, and the look in her face was precious.

“That’s unexpected, but good for our plans” she said smiling to herself “She told you something?”

No. She didn’t want to talk about it but Miki seemed pretty shocked about that secret thing.

There was a pause.

You’re not going to tell me the secret, don’t you?

“Of course not”

Well, as you want. But we should do something soon…

“Let me thing about it. I’m sure we can use that in some way…”

Rika hanged up the phone and let her head rest in the pillow. Something told her that it was going to be difficult to sleep that night.

To be continued...

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