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When Love Hurts 2

When Love Hurts 02

It was day of Hello! Morning recording and some of the girls were already in the set waiting for the rest of the crew. Miki was one of them. She was seated in one of the chairs of the set talking with Sayumi and Ai-chan about that they always have to do with this kind of games. It was the first time they were going to play this world’s games for kids and they were pretty sure that Rika was going to enjoy seeing the girls lose.

Then, Miki caught someone smiling at her from the other corner of the set, smiled back and went back to the talk with the girls.


Yossi turned her head to see the girl at her side.

“What are you doing here, Gottsan? You don’t have to tape anything until next week, don’t you?”

“Yeah” answered Maki “But I was bored and I though it would be interesting to see what you guys were doing. For what I’ve just seen, I wasn’t wrong. How long?”

“How long, what?” asked Yossi confused.

“Come on, Yocchan… Don’t be so innocent with me”

“I don’t know wha…”

“The Miki thing” cut Maki

Yossi jumped surprised and check that nobody in the set have heard Maki.

“How do you..?”

“Know about it?” said her friend. Yoshizawa nod and waited for the answer. “I know you better than yourself, Yossi. There’s only one thing that makes you smile this way to someone and it’s called ‘wild sex’.”

Yossi’s face became deep red before she could speak.

“That’s not true” she replied.

“Yes, it is” laughed Maki “You’re talking with me, remember? Some time ago I was the one who you smile for.”

While they were talking about past times, Hitomi seemed to relax a little and Maki saw the opportunity to go back to the main item.

“So.., are you in love with Miki?”

“I don’t think I can love anyone right now. Not yet” Yossi’s voice was now filled with sadness.

“Dear Good… How long do you need to forget her?” Maki was now angry. It was the same argument again and again. She began to be tired of that. “She’ll never love you the same way you love her. Please, you have to get her out of your mind.

“I’ll try it, I promise”

Maki smiled again and look at Miki, who was still talking with the other girls.

“Now, she can help you” said to Yossi again.

“I don’t think so… “

“Why? She’s a good girl and, God, one of the hottest chicks here…”

“She loves Aya” this time it was her who cut Maki’s phrase. But Gottsan wasn’t going to give up.

“Well.., I’m sure you can win her heart. You won mine once, remember?”

Yossi looked at her friend who turned and went out of the set without saying anything more. Then, she looked back to Miki.

Maybe Maki was right. Maybe she could forget…

To be continued...
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Fic: When Love Hurts 01

When Love Hurts 01


“You’ve done this before, right?”

Yossi just nod to answer the question.

“Ishikawa?” asked the girl next to her.

“Maki. And you? Aya?”


The girls looked at each other and laughed at the whole situation.

“I’m sure Gottsan has made it with a half of the Project already” said Miki still with a smile on her lips.

“Maybe, we should do a club…”

“The Official Goto’s Ex-lovers Club… Sounds nice, don’t you think?”

“Yeah. It can be a really big club, we’ll need a chairwoman to deal with all the members..” joke Yossi.

“Mmh… she should be Maki’s first. I wonder who was it” Fujimoto rolled in the bed and leaned her head on Hitomi’s chest.

“I know iiit, but I’m not going to tell youuu” said Yossi with a smirk on her face.

“You know it?!” asked a surprised Miki who raised her head “..and do you dare to hide this to me?!” Then, Mikitty seated upon the other girl’s stomach and look at her eyes “You won’t be able to keep that secret anymore, you know that, right?”

Yossi smiled with mischief and attracted the girl towards her “Are you threatening me?”

“Mmm.. maybe...” said Miki leaning to kiss Hitomi briefly in the lips “It works?”

“Maybe…” Yossi’s reply was followed by another kiss and another…

And while the kisses became deeper and the sensations began to blur her mind again, Miki could feel like, after a long time, something inside her was changing.


It’s difficult to say how they ended this way. It’s something that Yoshizawa didn’t expect when she found Miki crying on the door. Yossi didn’t ask. She just let the other girl step inside the apartment and closed the door behind her.

Miki, still sobbing and without saying a word, ran towards her friend and hugged her. Yossi tried to imagine what could have happened. Surely it was something related to Aya. She was the only reason why Fujimoto could cry and it had to be something really big to make her cry this way. Hitomi just could hold her and try to comfort the little and helpless girl in her arms.

“I can’t hold it anymore…” said Miki while the tears still running down her face. “I’m not strong enough, Yocchan.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Aya…” reply with a tiny voice “…she was with that man and I... I couldn’t help it… I was so jealous… She… she don’t even know how I really feel…”

Yossi began to understand what happened and hold Miki even harder against herself. Memories came back to her mind and she remembered how it feels to love someone who you can’t have.

“It’s ok now” Hitomi said while forcing the other girl to look at her eyes “You won’t be alone anymore.”

Then, without a reason, Miki put her arms around Yossi’s neck and attracted the other girl towards her. They lips where just a few inches away. Yossi could feel Miki’s breath caressing her skin and she skip a heartbeat when the other girl whispered something.

“Please.., make me forget”


And then, there they were, both naked and exhausted. The bed was a mess of sheets and their clothes were spread all over the floor. It was like if the room was devastated by a typhoon. A typhoon named Miki Fujimoto.

“You are… amazing” said Yossi with her eyes closed and still breathless.

Miki didn’t reply. She was playing with the other girl’s hair between her fingers while her mind was filled with a single thought.

“Is Miki still with me?” asked Yossi a little worried.

“Eh?” Fujimoto seemed to go back to reality.

“You were far from here” she caressed Mikitty’s cheek sweetly. “What’s on your mind?”

“It’s just… I was thinking about what just happened” Miki took Yossi’s hand on her own. “What we should do now?”

“I don’t know.”

For what seemed an eternity, they just look each other in silence.

“Yocchan?” said Miki finally.



To be continued..

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I've created this blog basicaly to post the fic that i'm doing, so enjoy it!
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