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When Love Hurts 54

Sorry for the wait, but I had to go back to work earlier than I expected and I hadn't time to finish this before :P

When Love Hurts 54


Ishikawa was restless and she didn’t know why. She should be happy, she should be enjoying her victory. Rika found the day before that Yossi and Miki didn’t talk to each other. That could just mean one thing, a big fight, probably a break up. Then, why was she feeling so defeated? What she was expecting? She thought that Yocchan would run to her as if nothing happened? What a silly dream…

Besides, in addition to her worries, her fellow Biyuuden members were acting weird lately, like out of character. Yui, usually happy, always with a smile in her face and something to talk about was now serious and silent. And Erika.., well, they hadn’t been ‘alone’ in a few days but Rika could see clearly that something was going on with the girl. She was happy, too happy for someone like her…

She’d liked to ask her about the reason of that happiness, but suddenly, her train of thoughts was interrupted by the hurricane Hitomi.

Miki was there too, holding the younger’s hand and trying to recover her breath.

“Rika-chan?” said Yossi with a soft and suspicious tone in her voice.


The older was a little offended by the way that Yossi said her name. She didn’t use to call her by her first name since their break up, at least, not usually, and the way she did it now was like another way to hurt her. But she hadn’t time to process that, when Yossi turned to the girl holding her hand and kissed her in front of the astonished Biyuuden members. The smile on Erika’s face disappeared; Yui’s eyes went wide opened and Ishikawa was too surprised to think straight.

But they weren’t the only ones wondering what was going on. While she was trying to breathe normally again, Yossi’s lips reached hers without warning. At first, she tried to find out what was on her Yocchan’s mind but after a few seconds she didn’t care anymore.

That was what Aya, Maki and Shibata found when they reached the place.

“Eh…by any chance… do you know what’s going on here?” whispered Gocchin to Aya.

“I don’t have idea”

The soloist wasn’t so surprised with that situation ‘cause it happened the same some minutes ago before their run, but that doesn’t mean that she wanted to see it again. The fact of see Miki’s arms around Yossi’s neck, attracting her closer and kissing her deeper within every second.., it made Aya feel sick. Then she turned to Maki, who was looking at the couple with a sad expression on her face and she wondered if that’s how Gocchin always felt, if that’s how she was going to feel from now on.

“That’s enough” said an already pissed off Ishikawa.

“I don’t think so” Miki replied with a satisfied smile before kissing again her girl.

But Yocchan should think otherwise because she left Miki’s lips and, holding her hand again, turned to Ishikawa.

“That was to make you understand once and for all that there’s nothing you can do. I love her and any of your twisted plans are going to work anymore”

“If that’s true, maybe it’s time for…”

“She knows” Yossi cut Ishikawa’s sentence before she could say anything more. Then she turned to her girlfriend and looked at her tenderly caressing her cheek “She knows and understand it. Game over, Rika-chan”

That was something that Rika wasn’t expecting. How dared Yocchan to tell something so personal? It was their secret, something just between the two of them, the only thing that kept them together…

“Why are you so hurt?” asked Yossi with a serious tone “Maybe because I’ve told her before you could use it to hurt her?”

“Ok, maybe you’ve win this time” she said turning to Miki “Enjoy your happiness while you can”

“What do you mean with that?” asked Fujimoto.

Rika-chan didn’t answer at first. She raised her hand to caress Yossi’s cheek, something that made the taller jump back to avoid the contact.

“Soon you’ll find that our little girl isn’t the loyal kind”

“You know that’s not true” said Yoshizawa obviously offended.

“No? Ask Gocchin, then”

“Eh? What’s up with me?” asked a surprised Maki from the corner.

“Oh, come on, I know you two were sleeping together…”

Then everybody turned to look at Maki who was, obviously, the more surprised there. Looking at her face it was evident that she didn’t know what Ishikawa was talking about.

“I’m going to repeat it one last time” said Yossi “I never, ever, touched another girl while I was with you”

“That’s true, Rika” assured Maki.

“And you think I’m so dumb to believe you?”

“Believe what you want” answered the soloist “But you know I hate you, why I should lie to you with that then?”

Ishikawa didn’t say anything. Her mind was too busy trying to analyze all the new information that came so suddenly.

“The funny thing is…” continued Yossi “…that you were the one who betrayed me, and yet you’re trying to act as the victim”


“You played the innocent girl, the one who wasn’t ready, when actually Erika and you were making fun of me”

At that point, Shibata looked at Maki. Both knew the truth about that and it was the right time to tell everything. She made a gesture to the younger and Gocchin replied with a nod. She knew what she had to do.

“Yocchan, that’s…”

“That’s not true!” shouted Rika suddenly interrupting Maki “I wanted to be with you! I wanted to give you everything! But you…” tears began to overflow from her eyes “…you had to ruin it all…”

To be continued...


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When Love Hurts 53

Probably that't the last chapter before my trip (going to Tokyo in three days, yay!) So, you'll have to wait 'till I come back for a new update. Or maybe I'll be in the mood and there'll be another one before.. who knows XDD

When Love Hurts 53


Even after spending all night awake, her body didn’t reflex any sign of being tired. Maybe it was because of the decision she had took that she was walking with so much strength. It was her last opportunity and she wasn’t going to give up. She’d already left once the desperation take control of her and she just got to make things worst. It couldn’t happen again.

She saw her objective some meters away, talking with Nono, Risa and Aya in the hall. It wasn’t exactly the best moment but she didn’t care about it.

Without warning, she took Miki by the arm and, without giving her any time to react; she kissed her, of course, with the other three girls as audience.

“I love you and I’m not going to give up so easily”

Yossi had ready a whole speech to convince Miki why they should be together even if it wasn’t going to be easy, but the older didn’t let her even start to speak. She surrounded Yocchan’s neck with her arms and hugged her strongly.

“That means that you forgive me?” asked a surprised Yossi.

“Baka… I don’t care about what happened. I reacted that way ‘cause I wasn’t ready to hear something like that, not because I didn’t want to be with you” Fujimoto’s voice was almost cracking, as if she was going to start crying at any moment “I tried to tell you but you keep running away from me…”

The younger moved away a little and looked at the girl in her arms. There was still one more thing to do.

“Come with me”

Suddenly, Miki felt Yossi’s hand taking her own and the younger started to run.

The three girls remaining in the hall looked at each other. They had been feeling invisible until then.

“Anybody knows what happened right now?”

“They… patch up things? Dunno…You know something?” asked Gaki-san turning to Aya.

But, when they realized, the soloist wasn’t there anymore.


“I still can’t believe it”

“You can’t believe it? Imagine how I was feeling when she told me that she was doing all that because of me!” Gocchin raised her voice.

“Sshhhh, someone can hear you” said Ayumi taking her to the couch “So…, she’s taking some kind of revenge on Yossi because she thinks that you hate her for leaving you for Rika-chan?”

“Sort of...”

“See? To be irresistible sometimes isn’t so good” joked the older.

As a reply, Maki punched her in the shoulder. It wasn’t a right comment to do at that moment.

“What are you going to do now?” asked Shibata more seriously.

“Of course I’ll tell Yocchan and Ishikawa. The have the right to know everything. Even if it’s hard to accept, Rika wasn’t guilt of anything and isn’t fair that things end like that”

“But you don’t seem happy to know the truth”

“It was better to thing about Rika-chan as the villain of the movie. It was easier to hate her”

Shibata looked at the younger, who had leant back into the couch and had her eyes closed. Then she understood something. Maki wasn’t the playgirl that she’d always thought, she just don’t wanna be hurt again.

“Shiba-chan, don’t fall in love, never. Love sucks”

What if it’s too late for that?

Then, after some seconds of silence, they heard voices approaching quickly and Maki opened her eyes.

“Yocchan, wait!” complaint Miki trying to keep Yossi’s rhythm “Why the hell are you running?!”

Gocchin and Shibata saw how the two Morning Musume members passed running in front of them. After that, they looked at each other.

“I have a bad feeling” said Maki.

Ayumi was going to say something too, but she was interrupted by an unexpected and fast soloist running after the other two girls.

Imagining that there was something really big going on, Gottsan took Ayumi by the hand and, without saying anything, began to run too.

To be continued...


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When Love Hurts 52
aah~ I wanted to end the fic before my trip, but or I write a chapter per day or it's gonna be impossible XDDD
anyway... here's another one..

When Love Hurts 52


I can’t do it, I can’t do it! Definitely not! What the hell I was thinking when I accepted this? What the hell was Shiba-chan thinking when she proposed it?! This must be some kind of punishment for flirting with her so much lately. I should learn to stop playing with the wrong girls…

Well, there’s no turning back. If I want this to work, Erika can’t feel any bit of doubt from me or she’s gonna suspect about my real intentions… This is for Yocchan’s sake, don’t ruin it now Maki…

“I always wanted to know how it feels…”

“What?” asked Maki without stopping what she was doing.

“To be with Gottsan, to taste your kisses…”

That’s… good? As long as she keeps talking, maybe I’ll be able to make her speak about what I want to know…

Shibata’s plan was simple. To make Erika to loose her mind, take advantage of this and make her speak. It should be easy for someone like Maki. Of course, the younger wasn’t so sure about it when all this started. But now, hearing Miyoshi’s words, she began to believe in Shiba-chan. Maybe, there was an opportunity.

“I didn’t know that you were interested on me…” said Gocchin kissing the other girl’s neck “I’ve always thought that you’re with Rika-chan”

“Don’t act like a fool with me” answered Erika “You knew that she was with Yoshizawa-san.

Maki’s hands began to explore under Erika’s shirt. Things were going good… Maybe it was time to try something that she was talking with Shibata a few days ago. The older suspected that it couldn’t be a coincidence that the problems between Yossi and Rika began exactly when Biyuuden was formed…

“Yeah, but they broke up almost a year ago…” began to say Gocchin, hoping that the next step wasn’t to go too further “…and something tells me that I have to thank you for that…”

Erika seemed a bit surprised by Maki’s words but, far from deny any accusation, she laughed and kissed Gottsan deeply.

“I knew it…” she said recovering her breath.

Gocchin heart skipped a bit. She felt already caught.

“I knew that you would be happy with it…”


“Yoshizawa-san never deserved you…” continued the older “Leaving you the way she did it was unforgivable”

Wait… Wait! Is she saying what I think she’s saying? It’s all about me? Think straight Maki…She wasn’t even here when all that happened…

“How do you know about that?” asked Gocchin trying to make things clear.

“You talk too much, Gottsan”

Maki didn’t complaint. She knew that it would be too risky to keep talking, at least for a few minutes…


“I thought that everybody had forgotten about that already…”

Nono took a piece of her cake and proceed to enjoy it.

“…since Makochan was the most interested in all this and she’s already gone”

“Yeah, but I’ve became more worried lately” said Shibata “This isn’t just about Rika-chan and Yossi anymore. There are a lot of people involved already”

The younger left the fork in the table, leant her back in the chair and crossed her arms.

“I understand” she said adopting a serious pose “There’s something I can do?”

“Don’t worry, we’re working in something already”


“Yeah, Ma…”

The conversation was suddenly interrupted by Ayumi’s cell-phone. She took it and looked at the mail sender’s id.

Speaking of the devil…

Mission accomplished. Now I need some of your love to clean any remain of her touch, pleeease~”

“Someone important?” asked a curious Nono.

“No… Just work” lied Shibata.

“You must really love your work to smile like this…”

I was… smiling?

To be continued...


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When Love Hurts 51

When Love Hurts 51


Walking through the corridors, Miki was thinking about the past few days. She had’n talked with Yocchan since the other girl confessed her secret, just the necessary as leader and subleader. The situation was killing her slowly. The more she thought about it the more she wanted to run to Yossi and tell her that it was all right, that she didn’t care about what happened with Ishikawa. But she can’t, she can’t even try it, because every time they were alone Yossi ran away with a lame excuse.

Just like now.

There she was, walking towards her, with her eyes fixed in the ground, maybe afraid to look at the older.


But Yossi, with a simple ‘hi’, kept walking and soon she disappeared from her sight.


“Have you seen that?”


“Miki and Yoshizawa-san, they don’t even talk to each other”

Gaki-san raised her eyes from the magazine she was reading and looked towards Miki that was still standing a few meters from them. After a quick glance, she returned to her fashion news.

“Maybe they argued” said Risa reading at the same time “With all that GAM thing it’s easy for Yoshizawa-san to feel jealous”

“What GAM thing?” asked Ai-chan.

Risa turned surprised to her girlfriend who was looking at her with a clueless face.

“Do you really live on Earth?” asked the younger “EVERYBODY knows about the kiss!”

“Wait… they’ve kissed? When?”

The younger sighed and closed the magazine.

“Sometimes I wonder if you really pay attention to the world around you”

“I’m paying attention to you now so, tell me”

“It’s easy. They had to kiss in the last shot of her new PV. I don’t think that it’s a big thing but people began to talk again about Mikitty and Matsuura-san together.”

Hearing that, Takahashi searched quickly in her pocket and took her cell-phone.

“See? You’re not paying attention…” sighed Risa.

“It’s not that” answered Ai-chan leaning to her girlfriend and giving her a quick kiss on the lips “I have to tell Mako-chan about this”

Resigned, Gaki-san returned to her magazine. She knew that it would be useless to try to make Ai-chan understand that it could be worst if she told Makoto. That girl could be able to take the first flight to Tokyo just to kick Miki’s ass, or at least, to try it. The last that Yoshizawa-san needed was a catfight for her. But again, her girlfriend was too stubborn to understand that.

“Aah~” she sighed “These things were easier with Kon-Kon around…”


Yossi keep walking without going anywhere. She had been doing that for the last few days during the rehearsal’s breaks as a way to avoid the girls, especially one of them. She wasn’t strong enough to face Miki after what happened.

The girl that was in front of her right now it wasn’t easy to face either.

“What have you done to her?”

Aya Matsuura, the lovely Ayaya, had transformed herself in an aggressive girl able to kill anyone who could hurt her best friend. Her face was serious enough to make Yossi understand that she couldn’t run away so easily from that confrontation.

“If you love her so much why do you make her cry?!”

Why I keep hurting the people I love?

“You know what?” said the younger in a defiant way “Now it’s my chance to do something. Miki won’t need you anymore”

“She doesn’t need you anymore…”

Yossi remained in silence while watching Aya leaving. When she was completely alone again she dropped to the floor and buried her face in her kneels.

“The same again, huh?” she said to herself “Yoshizawa…, you’re such a looser…”

Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the sound of her cell-phone. It was a message, a really short one:

She loves you

Fight oh!

That was enough to make her smile for the first time in days.

“You always so timely, Mako-chan…”

To be continued...


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When Love Hurts 50

When Love Hurts 50



Ishikawa has done something…

That was the first that Ayaya thought when she saw her best friend at the doorway, shaking and with her eyes red from crying. Rika-chan didn’t call her so there’s no way that Aya could know if she had done something already. She just could wait for her friend to explain what had happened but it wasn’t going to be easy ‘cause the only thing that Miki could do at that moment it was cry.

It wasn’t until hours later that the younger stop crying and calmed down. The girls where lying down in the bed, Miki with her eyes closed and breathing roughly trying to recover some strength while Aya was caressing her hair to make her friend to know that she was there, no matter what.

“Miki… “said Matsuura “What happened?”

The older didn’t reply.

“Miki, please… I need to know it…”

Silence again. Then Ayaya leant closer and her suspicions were right.

Ah… she fell asleep…

Aya stayed there, inches away from Miki, and let her hand slip down to her friend’s face, caressing slightly the skin under her fingers as if it was the first time she was doing it.

“How I could be so blind?” said in a whisper “I wonder how many nights you stayed awake like this, watching me while I was sleeping…”


Miki’s voice was just a sigh but enough to make the younger’s heart to skip a bit because of the surprise. Wasn’t she asleep a moment ago? Or was Miki just pretending to avoid the questions? Still with her hand on her friend’s cheek, Aya didn’t know what she should say after that. The other girl had her eyes still closed, maybe waiting for her to do or say something more but there was so many things in her mind that nothing was clear enough to have sense. Just one of those thought was more persistent than the others and it was getting stronger within every second. They were so close…


Her fingers make her path along Miki’s jaw and her thumb rested on the soft and exquisite lips before leaning to kiss her.

Maybe she won’t run away this time…

Aya placed her lips slightly on Miki’s and, unexpectedly, the older didn’t reject her. She didn’t return the kiss either but there wasn’t any complain about it, not even when Ayaya’s hand went under her friend’s shirt and caressed the smooth skin.

A shiver was the only reaction that she got from Miki…

What have they done to you?


“What are you doing here? She won’t want to see you”

Yossi was in front of her girlfriend’s door, with her index finger just inches away from the bell, thinking if she should press it. What would happen then? What she could say to Miki after what happened? How could she make the older forgive her if she hadn’t forgiven herself yet?

But I need you so much…

Finally, taking a deep breath, she pushed the button and wait… Until she couldn’t keep the air in her lungs and had to breath again. Nobody opened the door, not even when she ringed again.

A few minutes passed and Yocchan was still standing in the doorway thinking what to do next. She took the cell-phone and pressed Miki’s number, but nobody picked up the call.


Giving up her idea to see Fujimoto, Yocchan began to walk through the dark roads still with the phone in her hand. It was late and she shouldn’t call, but the need to hear a friendly voice it was bigger.

Again, at the other side of the line she just could hear the operator.

“Not even you?” Yossi sighed and kept the phone in her pocket again “That’s what I deserve, huh?”


Inside Maki’s bag, the cell-phone was ringing repeatedly, but her owner wasn’t paying attention at all. She was busy with something else.

“I tho..ught… that you were go-oing to… spend the night with her…”

“I’ve had enough Erika for a day” answered Maki making her path along the other girl’s neck.

Shibata found herself again under Maki’s control. When she realized, she took the younger’s hands and stop what Gocchin was doing. What’s going on with her? She can’t appear in her doorway in the middle of the night and expect to spend the night together so easily.

What’s going on with me?

“I though that you were enjoying it…” she said as a reply to what Maki had said before.

What Shiba-chan didn’t realize was the tone in her voice when she said it, not until she saw Maki’s reaction. The younger looked at her and smiled.


Before Ayumi could reply, Gocchin sealed her lips with a deep kiss and her hands went back to work before the older could complain about it.


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When Love Hurts 49

uuh~ next is 50th already!

I wonder if I should do something special... XDD

When Love Hurts 49


Come on… It can’t be so difficult…

As she approached her prey, Maki was looking for the best way to begin a conversation without causing the other girl suspect about her intentions. It couldn’t be so difficult. To flirt with the girls it was something that she did continuously, as entertainment or as a way to forget, that didn’t matter, but at least, she did it because she wanted and with whom she wanted. Now it was different. The girl in front of her wasn’t one of her preferences, not even someone she would like to talk with. It was like if the aura around that girl had something able to annoy her just being around.

But she had to do it…



The older turned to see who called her and she seemed surprised to find Gocchin there.

Good start…


“Are you alone?”

Great question Maki… Of course she’s alone… That’s why you’re here…

“I was with Ishikawa-san a minute ago but she left after someone called her” answerd Erika.

“So…, I have you all for me?”

The expression on the older’s face changed from surprise to a playful look that made Gocchin wonder if she was suspecting something already.

“That depends on what you want…”

The girl knows how to play, huh?

Maki hide the mischievous smile that appeared in her lips. Maybe it was going to be funnier than she expected…


Miki stayed completely in silence. It had passed more than five minutes since Yossi ended the whole story and since then, none of them had said anything. The younger had narrated the events with so much calm and strength that it seemed almost surrealist.

Yossi’s last words resounded once and again in her head.

Now it’s your turn. You’ll be able to love someone like me?

Could she?

And what about Rika-chan? Miki still wasn’t sure if she was the real victim of what happened. Yes, Yossi raped her…, but it was Ishikawa who played with the younger’s feelings first.

No, there’s no excuse for something like that…

There was so much mess on Fujimoto’s mind that she didn’t realize that her girlfriend was nearer.

“Miki…” said Yocchan raising her hand to caress her.

As a reflex, the older jumped back avoiding the contact. Immediately after, she saw the look on Yossi’s eyes and realized what she had done. But it was too late…

“I… I’m sorry…”

“It’s ok…” Yoshizawa’s voice seemed that it was going to crack at any moment “I understand it”

Before she could say anything more, Yossi had already left and walked away through the corridor. Miki wanted to scream, to run after the other girl and ask her to not leave… But she couldn’t. She only had the strength enough to close the door again and then fell on her knees, crying.

To be continued...


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