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When Love Hurts 48

When Love Hurts 48


Hitomi wasn’t sure about what Miki wanted to talk but she couldn’t stop repeating in her mind that something was wrong. Her girlfriend had stayed in silence while they were looking for a quiet place to talk alone, without any interruption. Finally, they ended at the same place as always, the 4th floor.

When they reached the room, Yossi closed the door and went to hug Miki from behind; trying to release a bit of the awkwardness that she was feeling.

“I have something to ask you and I want the truth” said Miki with a firm tone in her voice.


The older turned to be face to face with her girlfriend, but kept herself inside Yossi’s embrace.

“You went to see Rika-chan the other night?”

Hitomi’s answer was too direct and too sincere. A simple ‘yes’ hit Miki like a hard kick in her guts. But she wouldn’t begin to worry until hear the answer to the next question.


This time, the younger moved away from her and took a deep breath before answering.

“I had to finish all this, to make her understand once and for all that it’s over…”

“Well…, I think it didn’t work”

An awkward silence filled the room and Miki cursed herself for starting that conversation. What she should do now? Yossi admitted that she went to see Ishikawa without remorse and the older didn’t know if she should feel relieved or more worried. There was still another question in her mind but she was about the answer.



Yossi couldn’t remember if Miki had called her by her name before. It sounded so strange…, so serious…

“… I know that you’re hiding something…” continued Fujimoto “…Something big about Rika-chan…”

“There’s nothing about her…” tried to say Yocchan.

Before she could finish the sentence, a slap on her left cheek surprised her.

“I hate people lying to me, Yocchan” said Fujimoto with a cold voice and before Yossi could complain, she continued “I heard you two some days ago talking about a secret…”

The younger caressed her cheek still feeling the contact with Miki’s hand. She felt so stupid… That’s why her girlfriend was acting so weird those days, sometimes distant and thoughtful. First she found about the secret and then the kiss after the earthquake… Miki must felt betrayed and think that she still have something going on with Ishikawa. After what happened with Aya, that’s the last thing she needed.

Now, still feeling the pain in her face, Hitomi understood how much she could hurt the other girl if she kept that secret from her.

Then, she lowered her head a little to find Miki’s eyes and looked at her trying to find some courage.

“I’ll tell you…” she began to say with a voice as much firm as she could “…but then, it will be in your hands to decide if you still wanna be with me”

To be continued...


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When Love Hurts 47

When Love Hurts 47

“Yocchan, wait!”

Hitomi turned to see Ayaka running towards her breathless so, she stopped and waited for her friend to arrive next to her.

“Hey” greeted Yossi with her usual smile.


“Why the rush?”

“I wanted to catch you before you disappear again” said Ayaka recovering finally her breath “What’s up with you?

The younger looked at her friend as if she didn’t know what was talking about.

“Mai and I haven’t seen you for weeks. Where have you been?”


“Anyway… You think it’s normal that your best friends have to know thanks to other people that you’re dating someone?”

Ayaka was going to continue with her questions when Yossi saw her girlfriend appear at the end of the corridor. At the moment she saw the look on Miki’s face she knew that something wasn’t right.

“Can we talk in another moment? I… have to go” asked Yocchan leaving her friend behind and going to meet Miki.

The older couldn’t do anything more than nod and let her friend go.

“You’re busy?” asked Fujimoto to her girlfriend.

Yossi turned her head a moment just to look how Ayaka was leaving resigned and then looked again and Miki.

“For you, I’m always free” she said smiling.

“Perfect, ‘cause we have to talk”


“They’ve been together all day” said Ayumi feeling defeated “There’s no way for you to go closer Erika without Rika-chan suspecting about it…”

“Then, distract her”

“I have to remember to you that I asked for your help ‘because she doesn’t hear me anymore?”

Maki sighed resigned and took her cell-phone from her bag.

“All right, then…”

“What are you doing?” asked Shibata.

“Plan B”

“And plan B is…?”

“Stop asking and watch what those two are doing”

Gocchin turned her back to Ayumi and moved away some meters to have some privacy for her call while Shiba-chan kept asking herself what that plan B was about and with who was Maki was talking.

“Hi? It’s Maki”

Hey. Something happened?

“Not yet” answer Gocchin “But I need you to do something”

Ok, tell me.

After a few minutes, Maki hanged up the phone and returned with Shibata.

“And now what?” asked the older.

“Just wait and see”

Then, they could hear a ring coming from where the two Biyuden members were and saw Ishikawa taking her cell-phone. After a quick talk, she said something to Erika and left her finally alone.

“How…?” asked a surprised Shiba-chan.

“I told you, don’t ask” answered Maki who began to walk towards Erika “Now it’s my turn”

To be continued...


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The melody of your voice (Miki's POV)

There was some people askin for that, so... here it is, Miki's POV from my one-shot of Melodies.

The melody of your voice e(Take 2)


That’s the only word I can find to describe how I’m feeling right now. I’m feeling weird and embarrassed and it’s something that it never happened before having Aya-chan at my side.

Who had the great idea to put us in that bed?

Oh God, her finger is caressing my tight again and this uncomfortable but pleasant feeling is growing inside of me. That’s the four time in ten minutes that it happens.


I can see the director standing in rage from her chair and coming toward us.

“Fujimoto, could you try to hold your laugh at least one minute? We have to finish this today!”
“Sorry” I say lowering my voice “It won’t happen again”

I look at Aya and both know that it will happen again. It’s something I can’t control. I’m to shy to do this kind of things and more if there are so many people around. I don’t understand how Aya-chan can be so laid-back and I’m starting to think that she’s the one who’s making me more nervous.

The way she’s looking at me today… It’s different, more intense…, as if she would want something more. Even if I didn’t know that it’s impossible, I would think that some of her touches aren’t in the script. But, of course, that’s just my imagination…, it has to be. She can’t be thinking about what I’m thinking… That would be too complicated.

Aah… Now I won’t be able to look at her without laughing again…


I don’t know what to think.

Aya’s looking at me while I’m talking but she doesn’t seem to be hearing. It’s like if she was in another place far, far away from here.

“You’re ok?”

I’ve asked Aya-chan taking her hand at the same time. That seems to bring her back.

“You’re tired right? Sorry. It’s my fault that we ended the recording so late”

She doesn’t look tired physically but mentally. I feel really guilty for all what happened at the recording and that’s why I invited her to dinner here. I thought that we could talk about the PV, the weird situation that we had there and how funny it will be when we think about it in the future, but there she is…, in silence, staring at me with a look in her eyes that I’ve never seen before.

Her look is so penetrating that, for a moment, I think different about her early caresses. What if it wasn’t so studied? What If they were really something more?

It will be better if I give up thinking about those silly things and we go to sleep.

“Come on. Let’s go to bed”

She seems surprised when I take her by the hand and we go to the bedroom. Not even a single word leaves her lips and, for a few seconds, it’s like if I was alone in the room. But that’s until I feel her hands caressing the bare skin of my back.


What is she doing? Her arms have surrounded my waist and her breath is now caressing my neck.

“You’re so beautiful…” she whispers.

My entire body tenses up hearing her words. Suddenly, all the crazy thoughts that were flowing through my mind during all day now don’t seem so crazies. But we can’t do that, it’s not right… It would be too difficult…

“Aya…” I say trying to sound calmed “Really…, we need to sleep and forget about today”
“I can’t”
“Please, we don’t need this…”

Aya doesn’t seem to agree ‘cause she makes me turn to face her. I don’t want to look at her, I can’t do it. I know that, in the moment that my eyes make contact with Aya’s I won’t be able to deny anything to her.

And she knows it too because she raise my head to make me look at those beautiful eyes.

“I want you”

Right now, I’m sure that my heart has skipped two or three beats. That can’t be happening, it’s too surreal. Is she talking seriously? Aya really wants to take that step and go further in that kind of relationship? Or maybe… maybe the PV makes her wonder how it feels and she just wants to taste something new for once… She wants me…, she hasn’t say anything about love…

Why that thought it hurts me so much?

Her kiss seems so desperate…

I’ve tried to move away from her, but her arms are still wrapped around my waist and I can’t move at all. Aya’s taking this seriously and she’s not going to let me go.

“I need to know if that’s real…” she says devouring me with her eyes.

This time I can’t say no, this time I can’t resist her lips caressing my lips. I give up to her tongue skipping inside my mouth, to her hands travelling on my body and, suddenly, I found my lips returning the kisses with the same passion. It feels so good that makes me forget all my worries…

We stop a moment to take some air and now it’s me who places the hands at each side of Aya’s face to look at her. She’s so beautiful… I have to tell her…, I have to tell her that I don’t want this to be just a one night stand caused by taking to seriously our work in that video. Maybe she’s right…, maybe we need to do that to now if what we’re feeling is real.

Then, the warm of Aya’s body take me to the reality and I realize what the next step is. That thought is too much for me…

I burst in laugh.

Forgive me for ruin the moment, Aya-chan. It’s something I can’t control.

She seems to not mind it ‘cause she’s laughing along with me. Thanks God there’s someone here who can manage the situation because that’s something that exceed me. She knows it, and that’s why she’s now attracting me towards her and taking the control of the moment.

This is gonna be a long night…


The sun is rising already in the horizon when Aya begins to wake up. She’s smiling as if she’d have the most wonderful dream ever. Her eyes open slowly and look at me still sleepy.

“Since when are you awake?”
“I haven’t slept”

I reply with sincerity trying to not sound weird. It’s true; I haven’t slept in all night ‘case I’ve spent it looking at her, fearing that what happened was just a dream, a fantasy of my sick mind, which Aya would regret in the morning.

Luckily, her smile makes disappear every single doubt.

“Why you’ve stayed awake the whole night? You know we have work today, right?”
“Yeah, but I wanted to say ‘good morning’ first”

I know that’s a silly answer, but before she can analyse I give her that good morning kiss that I’ve been waiting all night. All this is so embarrassing…

“Good morning, Aya-chan”

Now she’s blushing. I never knew that I had that power over her. I’m always the shy one. That makes her look cuter, if that’s possible…

I stand from the bed and leave the dorm towards de bathroom. If I stay next to Aya a second more I’m going to kiss her again and we’ll be in the mood to repeat the night again, and we can’t. We have work today.

Before going into the shower I take a last look to the room. Aya has closes her eyes again and is laying in the bed letting the sun caress her skin. With that vision a new feeling is growing inside me and a smile appear in my lips.

Without knowing why, our song came to my mind and I begin to sing. My world has changed it with that melody and now it has another meaning to me. I wonder if Aya’s feeling the same, if she can hear the meaning of the words flowing with the melody of my voice towards her heart. Because that’s how I’m feeling, that’s how happy I am.

The end

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When Love Hurts 46

When Love Hurts 46

To see Ishikawa’s face in front of her so early in the morning it was like a signal to Miki that this was going to be one of these days that better you didn’t wake up from the bed. Of course, there was only one thing that Rika-chan would want to talk about with her.

“How’s Yocchan?”

“She’s… fine” answered Miki who instantly remembered how that girl was kissing her girlfriend just two days ago.

“Aah… I’m glad to hear that ‘cause she was looking pretty bad when I saw her”

“When did you see her exactly?”

Fujimoto knew that it was that what Rika-chan wanted, for her to play along with the game.

“Yossi came to my home the night after the earthquake ‘cause she wanted to check if I was ok” seeing the reaction on Miki’s face Ishikawa couldn’t help but smile deviously “Oh, she didn’t tell you?”

The younger didn’t answered and just look at the ground, something that Rika-chan took as an opportunity to dig more into the wound.

“Well, it was a big surprise to see her at my door. I thought that she was with you. After all, Yossi’s your girlfriend and you should be taking care of her, right?”

Miki had enough of that conversation and left Ishikawa behind without saying a single word. Fujimoto knew that she shouldn’t trust whatever Rika could say but she couldn’t help but think about it. How she should feel? Guilty because she left alone Yocchan that night or angry ‘cause her girlfriend went to see the enemy without telling anything?

It was time to have a serious talk with Hitomi about some things.


“You’re sure I have to do that?”


“But… It must have another way…” said Gocchin almost begging.

Shibata look at the younger with a funny smile in her face. It wasn’t usual to see Maki complaining about something like a little kid.

“Come on, don’t tell me now that the great Maki Goto is scared of that girl…”

“I’m not scared! It just…”


“She’s not my type”

Ayumi couldn’t belive that Maki was talking seriously.

“You’re not doing that for pleasure, remember?”

“I know, but it would help” Gocchin looked at her and crossed her arms “If it’s so easy why don’t you do it?”

She didn’t expect that question and for a few seconds her mind was blank.

“Because I… ‘cause… I’m… I’m not into that, ok?!” she said finally blushing a bit “Besides, aren’t you the irresistible one here?”

Maki seemed to react at Shibata’s words and began to recover her confidence.

“Ok, I’ll do it, but with one condition”

“What do you want?” asked Shibata fearing the answer.


“What? Why?!” said the older blushing like never before.

Maki smile with mischief and leant to meet the other girl’s eyes, staying just a breath away from her.

“Because even if you’re not into that, you’re pretty good at it”

Ayumi didn’t know what to think anymore but there was something she was sure about. Gocchin always got what she wanted.

To be continued...


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well, after a few days having problems with blogger (I couldn't sing in my own account ¬¬ ) I finally managed to log in and I'm going to post the one-shot that I've made inspired on the Melodies PV from GAM. It's already posted in the Yomiki Forum and JPH¡P, though.

Disclaimer This is fiction and, even as much as I would like to own Miki and Aya, they aren't my property..

The melody of your voice

My finger travels carefully over the thin fabric covering Miki’s thigh, slowly, with movements studied at millimetre… ‘till it happens again.


The director stands up from the chair furious and came toward us.

“Fujimoto, could you try to hold your laugh at least one minute? We have to finish this today!”
“Sorry” says Miki shyly “It won’t happen again”

Tan give me a glance after the director returns to his place. Both know that it will happen again at the moment that I’ll brush her. Despite her reputation, she’s too shy to do this kind of things in front of a camera. I understand her…, I’d feel the same if I wasn’t worried about the fact that I’m enjoying every single touch.

I know it’s not the first time that I caress her or that I take her hand this way but, for some reason, now it’s different. Maybe it’s the set, the low lighting or the silk of the bed sheets, but every time she looks at me my heart skips a beat. I know she’s acting, that the most of her smiles are scripted and this is just work, but I can’t help but feel that need to go further, to forget about the cameras, the staff and the director and just kiss her.

I’m glad that the recording is gonna end soon ‘cause it’s driving me crazy.


“You’re ok?”

I realize that I was staring at her for a few minutes already. She looks worried and takes my hand with hers.

“You’re tired right?” she says concerned “Sorry. It’s my fault that we ended the recording so late”

Tan feels guilty because of what happened during the PV’s recording. She laughed so many times that we had to stay there until the sun went down. That’s why she told me to go to her place and cook a great dinner to compensate me. I tried to refuse with a lot of silly excuses, but anyone can’t fight against Miki’s determination.

And now, here I am, with all those thoughts in my mind while she’s besides me in the couch, looking at me with those beautiful eyes, asking worried if something’s wrong.

Of course there’s something wrong! Can’t you see the restlessness in my eyes and my hands shacking every time you come closer?

“Come on. Let’s go to bed” Miki takes me by the hand and brings me to the bedroom.

To bed?

For God sake Matsuura! Be yourself! You can’t think about Miki that way. She’s your friend, your best friend, and those thoughts you’re having are just because of that stupid video, nothing more. What she’s said it’s just that we should go to sleep ‘cause it’s late and we’re both tired. That doesn’t imply to touch, kiss or do anything more beyond friendship. That’s it. We’ll go to sleep and tomorrow I’ll have forgotten all of this.

But you’re not going to help, right Tan? You have to make things even more difficult just changing your clothes right in front of me…

And now, without realizing, my hands are already in her shoulders and begin to slip down the bare skin of her back.

Ok… I give up… It’s stronger than me.


Miki seems surprised and she’s going to say something more, but before the words can slip out of her lips I surround her waist with my arms from behind.

“You’re so beautiful…” I whisper.

This time I can feel her entire body tense. Maybe, she finally understands how I’m feeling…

“Aya…” she speaks again and this time her voice hasn’t her usual childish tone “Really…, we need to sleep and forget about today”
“I can’t”
“Please, we don’t need this…”

Yes, I do. I need to feel every inch of her skin against my skin, her hair brushing my face, the warm of her lips… I need to feel Miki mine and I’m going to tell her the stupidest way possible.

It’s like in that romantic movies that I like and Tan hates so much. I make her turn to face me and she looks to the ground avoiding my eyes. I doubt for a moment because I’m not sure if she’s just denying that she feels the same as me or she really doesn’t want to go further. I guess I won’t know it until I’ll do it. So, I take her chin with my index finger and I raise her head ‘till her eyes make contact with mines. I know I’ll need all my willpower to say the next three words…

“I want you”

She doesn’t reply. I bet she’d never expected this kind of move coming from me. We’ve talked so many times about what people say and the rumours behind our relationship that it becomes almost a game to act like a real couple sometimes and maybe, at first, she’s thought that it was that what I was doing, to play again.

But now my lips are telling her otherwise.

At first, Miki has tried to avoid it, but my arms are wrapped around her waist firmly and I don’t let her go. I look into her eyes and I can see clearly the fight inside her. I know how she feels ‘cause I was feeling the same a few minutes ago.

“I need to know if that’s real…” I tell Tan trying to calm her down before my lips found hers again.

This time her barriers seem to disappear. She has finally surrounded to the moment and let me do whatever I want with her. First soft kisses, just slightly caresses, then the necessity to go deeper and my tongue skipping inside her mouth… I don’t know how good it really feels until she begins to kiss me too. I’m glad that she has thrown away her shy side already ‘cause I’m starting to burn inside and my body’s asking for more.

We stop a moment to take some air and Tan put her hands at each side of my face. I wonder if she wanna say something but, looking into her eyes I realize what’s going to happen.

Dear God… Not now…

3… 2… 1…

Miki burst in laugh.

Well, I guess she can’t help it and, for a moment, I laugh along with her. But I’m not going to let that ruin the moment and before she can change her mind, I attract her towards me again.

We still have a long night to spend together…


The sunlight fills the bedroom and wakes me up with the most wonderful feeling growing inside me. I slowly open my eyes just to find Miki’s looking at me and a beautiful smile as a good morning.

“Since when are you awake?”
“I haven’t sleep”

Tan replies as if it was the most normal thing to say. How can she not sleep after the night we spent and still look so gorgeous?

“Why you’ve stayed awake the whole night? You know we have work today, right?”
“Yeah, but I wanted to say ‘good morning’ first”

Silly answer trademark by Miki Fujimoto. But well…,why I'm going to complain when she’s kissing me this way?

Tan leaves my lips too early and I can see her blushing.

“Good morning, Aya-chan”

Now I’m the one blushing. How can Miki sound so cute and sexy at the same time?

She stands up and leaves the room to take a shower before breakfast. I would follow her but the bed is so comfortable and the sensation of the sun caressing my skin so pleasant that I’m not able to move. Being like this, I close my eyes again and let the memories of the past night to fill my mind. For the first time since yesterday I’m beginning to think about the consequences and if it’s really this what I want.

Suddenly, a sweet melody coming from the bathroom floods the whole room and makes my worries disappear, replacing it with joy. Miki’s singing Melodies and her voice caress my senses drawing a big smile on my lips.

Yes, that’s what I want. I know it now. That’s what I’ve always wanted since Miki stepped into my life, to wake up everyday with the melody of her voice singing just for me.

The End
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When Love Hurts 45
yeah yeah! another one is out! XDDD

When Love Hurts 45

The music coming from the stereo stopped suddenly and Maki could see clearly who was there through the mirror in front of her. Of course it wasn’t one of the dancers, they left almost an hour ago, but she wasn’t expecting a visit from that person either.

She leant to take her towel and the bottle of water from the floor and walked towards the person standing in the wall while she wiped out the sweat of her face and neck.

“So… what’s a pretty girl like you doing here so late?” asked Gocchin before drink some water.

“I’ve discovered something about Rika and I wanna know if you knew about it”

“If I would knew something I’d told you, that’s what we agreed”

“Yeah… but, the last time we talked was…” the voice of the girl sound a bit nervous “…you know… weird?”

Maki couldn’t help but laugh while she was going to the corner to take her sports bag. Then, she returned where the other girl was and looked at the older who seemed to be really uncomfortable.

“Shiba-chan…, it was just one night” said Maki leaning to the other girl’s face dangerously “You thought that I was going to feel awkward to talk to you because of that?”

“Well… I’m feeling that way right now”

The younger caught the hint in Ayumi’s words and realized how close she was actually. She didn’t do it on purpose. It was just that her body acted without thinking, like a defence mechanism against the loneliness. The maxim: if you are cold, find somebody to warm you up.

“Ok… ehm… If you’re going to feel better, we can go to some other place to talk, you know, with more people”

“What do you suggest?” asked Shibata a bit more comfortable

“You had dinner already? Because I’m starving…”


There was nothing interesting on TV. Miki was on the couch pressing buttons randomly, trying to find something to watch while her girlfriend was in the kitchen making some dinner. Finally, she found a documental channel and left the control on the table.

“What are you watching?” asked Yossi passing a plate with sandwiches to Miki.

“Lions” answered her, taking a sandwich and giving a bite.


When Hitomi sat on the couch next to her, Miki left the sandwich on the plate again and rested her head on her girlfriend’s shoulder, while one of her hands was playing on the edge of Yossi’s shirt.

“You know… TV’s boring and I’m not really hungry…”

Another hand skipped under the fabric and caressed the skin. But before she could go further, Yossi took away the hands of her girlfriend from there.

“Miki.., not tonight”

“What’s wrong?” asked Fujimoto worried “It still hurts?”

“Yeah… a little…” answered the younger trying to avoid Miki’s eyes.

Fujimoto knew that something wasn’t right. Yocchan spent the whole day avoiding touching her, sometimes even to look at her. But maybe it was just her imagination.., maybe she didn’t sleep well the last night and was tired.., maybe… maybe she was trying to find something to forget how guilty she was feeling for spent the last night with Aya and not with her girlfriend…

“Yocchan… sorry again for leaving you alone yesterday”

“Forget it. It’s in the past already and the past is something you don’t have to worry about”


Miki surrounded Yossi’s waist with her arms and buried her face on her girlfriend’s chest.

You’ve already forgotten your past, Yocchan?


“Can you tell me why the hell our conversations have to end always in your bed?!”

“Mmh… ‘cause I’m irresistible?”

Gocchin’s answer seemed to piss of Shibata even more, who shot her a murderous look through the sheets where she was hiding her naked body.

“Ok… sorry” apologized Maki sitting in the bed near the other girl “But it wasn’t my fault that the restaurant was closed. It was late already and you didn’t refuse my treat to dinner at home”

“I know…”

“Then don’t look at me as if I was the devil or something…”

Ayumi didn’t know what to think. Even knowing how Maki was she let her to take the control over her body, exactly as the first time. She hated to loose control on herself that way but there was something in the eyes of the younger that she couldn’t resist.

“Shiba-chan? You’re ok?”

Looking at the hand of the other girl shaking in front of her Shibata realized that she was staring at Maki lost in her thoughts.

“Yeah… Ehm… What we should do about Rika-chan?” she said trying to forget that she was still naked in the bed.

“Well… I know that she and Yocchan are hiding something big, but I still don’t know what” Maki scratched her head and drop herself again in the bed “And now with what you’ve told me about Erika… things are even more complicated”

“I have a doubt…”


“How do you know so much about what’s happening between Rika and Yoshizawa?”

“I have my sources…”

“And your not going to tell me?” asked Shiba-chan leaning closer to Maki, forgetting to take the sheets with her.

Maki smiled with mischief at the view and then answered with a sexy and playful tone.

"Let me think about it..."

To be continued...

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Yomiki Forum
mm.. sorry.. no update today XD
I know you're waiting new chapters, what can I say.. the words don't came to me...

well, that post is mostly to say that I've managed to post a cute minibanner to the YoMiki forum in the links so, if you still don't know Yomiki Tartarus... GO RIGHT NOW!
There's a place for all Yomiki fans, with pictures, videos, fics, and the most important, wonderfull people, so go and enjoy ^^
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