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well, in a few hours the year is gonna end (here it's still 6.30 pm XD) and I wanna end it adding this little epilogue to the fic. Enjoy and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

When Love Hurts

A new start

Yoshizawa was trying to breathe normally but her heart beat faster within every second. She was used to the big stage, the shouts from the crowd, the crazy fans.., but now the butterflies in her stomach were beginning to be more like elephants. Why she was so nervous this time?

She looked first at her right, then at her left and finally stuck her eyes in the ground and released a deep sigh.

I’m gonna kill Gocchin for this…


“Yocchan? Are you all right?

Fujimoto saw the shock on her girlfriend’s face after hearing Tsunku’s news and went towards her to check if she was ok, but when she arrive near Yossi, the taller made her to move back.

“You’re crazy!” shouted Momusu’s leader.

“Hey, I think it’s a great idea”

Gocchin’s comment made Yoshizawa turn to the soloist and send her a glare, but Maki remained calm, leant against Tsunku’s desk, with a smile that irritated Yossi.

“You expect me to be in a group with my girlfriend, my too ex-girlfriends and someone who probably hates me for stealing the love of her life…” she said turning to her boss again and with a more relaxed tone in her voice “There’s no way this works…”

“To be honest, it wasn’t going to be like this…” the man leant against his chair and look at the five girls in front of him “I wanted a solo, after all is your song, but Nakazawa-san suggested the unit as a way to rebuild the bonds of the family. I’m still not sure what she was talking about, though”

At this point, Hitomi banged the desk in rage again and scared the other girls.

“That’s another question” she said with her eyes glued to the wooden table trying to not exceed the limits with her boss “How the hell that song arrived to you?”

“I guess that’s my fault” answered Maki raising her hand before Tsunku could tell anything “You said it was trash so I took it, gave it to some people to make the arrangements and, someway, it ended upon Tsunku-san’s desk. Come on, that song deserves to be singed and you deserve to sing it”

Yossi seemed to give up finally and dropped on the chair behind her, defeated.

“Hey, let’s do it” said Miki sweetly and kneeling next to her girlfriend and taking her hand “I want to sing that song with you”


If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have the strength enough…

Yoshizawa felt a hand taking hers and, as a miracle, the insecurity disappeared. She looked at the smaller girl at her side and smiled.

It happened so much since that night, since you opened your heart to me and saved my life…

“These two are so cute~” commented Maki watching the scene.

“Look who’s talking. How’s Shiba-chan doing?” strike back Miki.

“That’s none of your business…”

“You know…” whispered Rika-chan “Ayumi told me…”

“Shut up!”

Maki’s shout made everybody laugh and the pressure for the performance seemed to evaporate. Even with their differences, the problems, the loves and hates, they still could have fun together.

“Girls” said Yocchan with solemnity as the leader that she was and taking all hands together “Let’s enjoy today, let’s make it a new start”

The end


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When Love Hurts 60 (FINALE)

well, everything has to end, and this fic too.

It last just one day for Christmas so take this as a present for all the people that has been followig my work all this time.

thank your for your support.

When Love Hurts 60


“Nono! Leave those sandwiches on the table again, now!”

The younger dropped the plate and ran to hide at the kitchen after hearing Gocchin’s shout, but even so, she manage to keep one of the sandwiches. Maki saw it and ran after her.

“You better call your friend, Aya” said Shiba-chan to the soloist and laughing at the view of Maki and Nono’s war for the food “If she’s not here soon Non-chan won’t leave anything to her”

“She should be here already. She doesn’t live so far away…” answered Matsuura taking her cell-phone.

Before she could press Miki’s number the door bell ringed.

“Go” said Shibata pointing to the door “I’ll try to make peace between those two or this will end being a bloody party”

Aya nodded and went to open the door. That party was supposed to be something to cheer up Miki after two weeks enclosed at home and in her work. She had refused a few times but, being Christmas and seeing the effort that Maki was doing, even offering her apartment for the party, she finally couldn’t say no. Of course, she wouldn’t be Miki if she wasn’t late.

“Well… come”

Everybody turned to look at the door where Aya was standing frozen. Even Nono, who had jumped victorious upon Gocchin’s back, drop the sandwich.


“You’re sure you don’t wanna come with us?”

“Thanks, Mama” answered Rika-chan with a charming smile “But I’m going to meet with Ayumi later. Enjoy the party, ok?”

“Ok. Good night my dear”

Ishikawa’s mom left her daughter’s room, closing the door behind her. Rika hated to lie to her mother but the last she wanted it was a party with unknown people. It’s true that Shiba-chan told her to go to the party at Maki’s home but how could she dare to go after all the troubles she caused? She didn’t even deserve Shibata’s friendship…

She went near the window and stared at the sky. It was cloudy. Maybe would rain.

I can’t be with you.

Even if it was all a lie, we hurt each other too much.

I loved you, Rika-chan, you can’t imagine how much, but without trust there’s no hope.

Maybe, someday, we’ll be able to forget.


Suddenly, someone knocked at the door and made her return to reality. Her mother should have forgotten to say something.

“Sorry” said the girl standing in the doorway “Your mom told me to come upstairs”

“Yui?” it was the last person Ishikawa was expecting to see that night “What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to give you something”

The younger extended her arm and show a little box in her hand.

“It’s not a great thing, just a pair of earrings that I saw a few days ago. It’s just to make you know that you’re not alone and that everything will be ok” Yui smiled and took Rika’s hands on hers “People shouldn’t be alone on Christmas Eve”


“Where are you?”

“At the park. I’ll be there in ten minutes” answered Miki at her friend on the phone.

“Ok. Don’t worry. Take your time and enjoy the walk, we’ll be waiting”

Miki hanged up the phone and keep it in her bag again.

“Enjoy the walk?” she repeated with confusion “She’s already drunk or what?

She didn’t have intention of taking the way through the park to reach Maki’s place, but someway she ended there. It was darker and more peaceful than the road outside. There was just a few couples walking hand in hand, looking at each other with love.

The hand in her pocket touched a folded paper that was always with her. She took it and, even in the dark, she could see the worn-out edges. But as many times as she read it, there was always the same word in it.


But for how long Yocchan?

Two weeks. Fourteen days. An eternity. The hours didn’t seem to pass when you’re waiting for the phone to ring or a knock at the door. When you can’t sleep and spend the nights talking with a dog that answer your questions with a damp lick.

You’ll come back, right? You can’t make me love you so much and then leave me alone again.

Suddenly a shiver travelled all around her body. It was getting colder and the sky it was very cloudy. She should hurry up to arrive to the party if she wasn’t to get wet

Then a little, white, spot fell on her shoulder and, after analysing it carefully, Fujimoto raised her head and look at the clouds.

It’s snowing?

She stayed there, unable to move, looking at the white rain falling slowly from the sky. A snowflake fell right under her left eye and the water running down her cheek make her shiver again. But she didn’t care. She closed her eyes and captured the sensation.

That’s how I feel since you’re not around. Frozen, as if nothing could warm my heart ‘till the day you’ll touch me again. At least, if I close my eyes, I still can feel your hands caressing my skin, like right now, as if you were wiping these cold tears. I even can smell the fragrance of your hair coming together with the wind and filling all my senses...

“Make a wish”

The voice it was so real that, for a moment, Miki thought that she had fallen asleep and, still with her eyes closed, she answered.

“To have you here”

This time, the hand caressing her cheek felt more real and it wasn’t cold anymore. And then, coming with a warming wave, there was a kiss. A kiss and a sweet smile that made the world shine again.

“Wish granted”

I know it now, Yocchan. I know the meaning of what people call great love. It’s not a fairy tail; it’s not about princes riding white horses or bewitched princesses waiting for a kiss to be free… Great love is that one that shakes your soul, the one that makes you smile even if you wanna cry, that changes the world around you…

That’s why, even if it hurts sometimes, I wanna love and be loved in return.

The end


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When Love Hurts 59

Yes.. next is the last chapter...
and yes, it will be my christmas gift for all of you guys :P XDD

When Love Hurts 59


I’d used to like to be alone. Then she came and made me hate my loneliness. I was nothing without her… How I could forget?

She didn’t know exactly what direction she should follow but, as if it was a miracle, the silhouette of the other girl appeared in front of her at the end of the corridor. As she did for the past ten minutes, Maki ran to catch her.

“Wait!” she shouted taking Shiba-chan from her wrist and making her to stop.

Ayumi stared at her, unable to believe that Gocchin had followed her after all that she said.

Then why I’m doing this? Why I’m keeping you by my side? I can’t give you what you want and yet…

“I can’t do this, not now, but…” Maki was doubtful, her eyes fixed to the ground until she began to raise her head to look at the other girl “…but.., stay with me, please”

For once, I’ll be selfish. For once, I’ll try to forget.


Tsunku almost jump in his chair with the office’s door suddenly opened and two girls rushed in. Sweaty from the running, almost breathless and desperate, Rika and Miki were moving their heads frantically looking for someone who should be in the room.

“She’s not here” said Tsunku returning her attention to the papers on the table.

Hearing that, Ishikawa smashed the table and demanded an answer.


“Around thirty minutes ago” was Tsunku’s reply. He don’t even bother to raise his look “You’re not going to catch her”

“You shouldn’t let her go!”

Seeing that Ishikawa was loosing control, Miki take her by her shoulders and try to make her understand that she wasn’t going to get anything shouting at her boss. Fujimoto too, wanted to shout, cry and complain but she knew that Yossi wasn’t going to come back because of that.

“I haven’t let her go” answered their boss, this time leaving the papers and looking straight to the girls “I haven’t another option. Yoshizawa told me about all what happened. She understands that a leader has to have her mind clear and she was too much troubled lately to make the group work”

“But it wasn’t her fault” complaint again Rika-chan.

“I know. And you should be happy that Biyuuden is still alive”

“I don’t want Biyuuden if it means to lose her!”

This time the shout lost all its strength ‘cause the words chocked in her throat when she couldn’t restrain the tears. But Tsunku didn’t care about that and go back to his papers.

“You should leave now”

Miki didn’t say a word and tried to calm Ishikawa guiding her to the door. It’s true that she didn’t fight against Tsunku’s decision but, what she could do? If Yocchan has gone, Miki’s priority was to try to find her no matter what, and then she could worry about their boss and the group. Her heart was first.

“Fujimoto-san, could you stay a moment, please?”

Tsunku’s request took her by surprise. The last thing she wanted it was to be there talking while her girlfriend was who knows where. But, as much as she want to run, Miki obeyed and seated in the chair in front of her boss, letting Rika to leave the office alone.

“If it’s about the leader duties you don’t have to worry. I’ll take charge of all” she tried to go straight to the main point to finish as soon as possible.

“I know. But it’s not that what I wanna talk about” he said “Yoshizawa-san also told me about you”

“You mean… About us?”

“Yes and honestly, I can’t say that I’m happy about it” he sighed as if he had a great load upon her shoulders “God knows how many headaches Nakazawa and Yasuda gave me and your situation is even worst. But.., she sounded serious…”

Then he took something out of the drawer and gave it to Miki. It was a plain brown envelope with her name wrote it in. She wasn’t sure about what to do. If the content inside it was going to be a goodbye letter… then it was better to not open it. But, maybe, it was a message, a hint about where to find her…

She didn’t want to think too much about it and, breathing deeply, Miki took the envelope from Tsunku’s hand and opened it.

There wasn’t a letter, not even a sentence.

Just a single word.

To be continued...


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When Love Hurts 58
well.. feeling better and with just a few chapters more before the end...

When Love Hurts 58


Seeing how upset was Ayumi getting, Megumi took her friend from the shoulders and try to calm her down. But it was too late to do something. Shibata yelled something at her fellow Melon member and return her attention to Maki.

“I shouldn’t have let you step into my life; I shouldn’t have let you touch me. You are the biggest mistake of my life and even so, I can’t stop thinking about you!”

“Shiba-chan… I…” tried to say Maki a bit disconcerted.

“Wanna know what makes me angrier? Your undying love for Yoshizawa. She left you years ago but you keep your heart closed and your eyes blinded for anybody who try to reach you” at that point, Ayummi’s eyes began to overflow “Can’t you see that you’re hurting people being like this? That you’re hurting me?”

Silence. Shibata wasn’t expecting an answer but at least some reaction, but all that she got was a stunned face looking at her, totally clueless.

“Don’t worry” she said more relaxed “It’s my fault for letting you do this to me. I knew how you were and I kept playing with fire…” Then she turned to Yuko totally defeated “Nakazawa-san, If you don’t mind, I’d like to leave now”

Yuko just nodded at let the girl leave the room. She wondered if all that questioning about their feelings it wasn’t too much. Shiba-chan looked really bad and she left Gocchin in shock. The others…, probably were too surprised to feel anything.

“Well.., maybe we should end this conversation here…”

“I’d like to say something” said Aya interrupting Yuko.

“Ok, go ahead”

Matsuura cleared her throat and made some steps towards Rika before speak.

“Rika-chan… I lied to you. I never wanted to help you with your plans”

“Then… why…?”

“Gocchin thought it could be a good way to discover that big secret that Yossi and you were hiding. If you trusted me, maybe there would be a way to help protect Miki from you and, someway, a felt as if I was getting a little revenge for what you did to me too…”

Ishikawa wasn’t surprised at all. After what happened, Tsunku could fire her and she’d still feel nothing. There wasn’t a way that a few words could hurt and already devastated heart.

“Gocchin, you don’t have anything to say about this?” asked Yuko.

Maki looked at her elder, then at Rika and then at Yuko again.

“Yes” she said resolutely with a new glittering in her eyes “I have to go”

She just finished the sentence and ran out of the room. Nobody dared to ask, nobody dare to hold her back. She had always been a free spirit running wild against the wind and it could hurt to step between her and whatever she wanted.

“I guess this is the end of the meeting. Everybody can leave now”

While the girls were leaving the room, Miki took her cell-phone and pressed Yocchan’s number. She waited for an answer but nobody picked up the phone at the other side.

“Probably she’s still with Tsunku” she heard Yuko saying.

“With… Tsunku?”

Nakazawa could feel the worried tone on Miki’s voice. A meeting with her boss it was very usual being a leader of Morning Musume but, with the later incidents, she couldn’t blame Fujimoto for being worried. The fact is that she knew why Yossi went to talk with him. She had talked with her before doing anything and asked for some advice before doing anything but Yuko wondered if it was a good idea to tell Miki about it.

“Yocchan.., she’s in trouble because of what happened?” asked suddenly another voice behind Yuko.

Two girls in love and worried were more than that Yuko could handle in a single day.

“Ok… We talked this morning” said Nakazawa finally “She’s tired and needs some time. That’s why she went to see Tsunku. She wanted to leave before anyone could notice it…”

But anybody was hearing her anymore. The two girls had left the room as if their life were in it leaving Nakazawa with the words in the mouth.

“These girls… They’ll never learn…”

To be continued...
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When Love Hurts 57
First of all... gomeeen nee u.u
I've caught a cold and I couldn't stay in front of the computer a lot because I had a horrible headache. That was really bad 'cause I had a lot of ideas for the next chapters and I couldn't write it... But well.. Finally, now I can post chp. 57 ^^

But before that...
A friend show me the other day this petition online:
In short way... it's a request from all Ayumi Hamasaki european fans. If you are an Ayu fan and think that she should be promoted here or around the world, please sing it. I don't know if someone will pay attention to it... but there's nothing wrong trying it :P
*It would be nice if people who see this and have blogs or webpages on her own put the link in it too ^^

And now...

When Love Hurts 57


“You’re kidding me…”

Eri crossed her arms and refused to believe what Gaki-san just said.

“I’m serious” answered Risa “People say that that’s why Nakazawa-san organized that reunion”

“And what happened with Miyo-chan?”

“Let fly your imagination, Sayu”

The three girls turned her heads slowly to look at the woman standing at the center of the room. She really looks serious, not angry but menacing, with her eyes fixed in the crow around her and paying attention to every conversation in the room. Conversations that were beginning to get her pissed of.


The shout made all the murmurs disappear. Most of the girls held her breaths fearing to make any noise that could bother the eldest member.

“That’s better” said Yuko relaxing a little her face expression “Now that everybody’s here…”

“Leader isn’t here!” shouted Reina.

“Miyo-chan and the kids are missing too” pointed Eri who immediately regret what she had said and glued her eyes to the ground.

“They’re not coming” answered Nakazawa trying to remain calm “Yocchan and Miyoshi have some… things to attend. And for the kids.., they are out of the problem, at least for now”

Yuko waited a minute for any question that could interrupt her but seeing that nobody dared to open her mouth she smiled and began to talk again.

“Most of you must know about the little incident with Erika. This reunion is to prevent that something like that happens again. We are a big family, a family where everybody have to respect each other if we want to stay together and if, anybody, someway, dare to hurt that unity, I’ll take charge personally” Yuko made a pause and look at the girls around her and some of them looked away to avoid eye-contact “But…” she continued “There’s something that can destroy a family more than anything…” this time Yuko’s eyes where fixed in a single girl, the one with a pink sweater and the sad expression in her face “…a secret”

At that word, Ishikawa raised her head and her eyes met with Yuko’s.

“A secret is the most dangerous weapon in a war, and the last thing we need is a battle between members. So, here and now, I want to know everything. Who’s gonna start?”

The girls in the room looked at each other in silence, waiting for someone to be the first to say something but, as expected, nobody wanted to begin. The generalized though was like ‘that woman went totally crazy requesting something like that’. Of course, no one dare to say it out loud.

Seeing that nobody was going to start, Yuko sighed.

“Ok then. If it’s going to be easier.., I’ll make the questions and everybody’ll answer at the same time. This way nobody will feel embarrassed for being the first”

“Hey, obaachan had a nice idea!” joked Yasuda next to her.

“Honey.., shut up. Well, first question”

Nakazawa took some seconds to look at each girl and analyze their faces before speak again.

“How many of you had sex with another Hello! Project member?”

Everybody looked at everybody in shock. What kind of question was that? Even Kei, that knew her girlfriend very well, didn’t expect something so direct to start.

“Raise your fucking hands!” shouted Yuko impatiently.

“Ok, ok…” they heard a voice coming from one of the corners of the room. Then a sigh and a raised hand “Everybody knows me so, there’s no reason to hide it”

Seeing Maki raising her hand answering Nakazawa’s request, one by one, the rest of the girls raised their hands too. Yuko wasn’t surprised of many of them, but others were as shocking for her as for everybody.

“I don’t know… I feel like if I was left out of the party” said Nono, who was standing in a corner with another few girls that hadn’t raised their hands.

“I understand you” nodded Mari “You know there’s something going on but.., so many? I mean… Even Kaorin! She never told me!”

“Hey, at least you don’t have one of your best friends involved in a plot against another member…” sighed Yui looking down at the floor.

“Yeah, your right, that’s worst”

Yuko smiled satisfied, but she knew that the next step was going to be more difficult.

“Ok. That was easy. Now I need the same sincerity with the next question” she moved her eyes upon every girl’s face trying to read some of their thoughts before asking “How many of you are in love with another member?”

This time just a few hands remained raised and a lot of jaws dropped to the floor with the answer. Just a few people expected to see Gocchin’s hand raised, Miki’s and Rika’s answers weren’t a surprise at all, and for Ai-chan and Risa.., Gaki-san was the most surprised seeing the hand of her girlfriend raised.

“That’s… true?” she asked feeling how some tears were beginning to form in her eyes.

“Yeah. Why are you crying?

“Yo… you never told me…”


“I thought that you just… you know… wanted just…”

“Oh” usually Ai-chan had needed a clearer answer to understand what was happening but this time she realized immediately what the problem was and then her face changed from surprised to and affeccionate expression “You thought I was with you just because of the sex?” she smiled “You know there’s Goto-san for that, right?”

“That’s true!” shouted Maki from the other side of the room, getting with that a death glare from someone that was at her side with her hand still raised.

“Then, say it” continue Risa looking at her girlfriend “I need to hear it from you”

Ai-chan moved her head from one side to another looking at all the girls around, expecting an answer. Then she fixed her eyes on the younger, put her hands on Risa’s cheeks and wiping away the tears she made sure that every single word was clearly heard for everyone.


A lot of ‘aaaw’ and ‘how cute!’ filled the room. The two girls where staring at each other giggling and whispering words that just them could hear, and wasn’t paying attention at the people around.

“Nakazawa-san, can we skip to the next question?”

Yuko looked at the girl who had made the request and suddenly realized something.

“Shiba-chan…” said the older smiling “why do you have your hand raised?”

Obviously, nobody else in the room had seen that until Nakazawa said it. Then, all the girls turned to her and she felt the heat on her cheeks rising.

“Oi! You never told me!” exclaimed Maki standing at her side “Who is it?”


“What have I done now?”

“You are so… so… stupid!”

Gocchin jumped back at Ayumi’s shout. The peaceful Shibata, the one that always remains calmed no matter what, had shouted and called Maki Goto stupid. Of course, no one understood why she had done that. Nobody could even imagine the truth.

Why is she so blinded?

To be continued...
yeah yeah.. in the next chapter XDDD


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A gift
the end is near...
and while I'm writing next chapter I've made this

you can put it between the cover (I promise I'll make one as soon as I have an idea) and the first chapter. I hope you like it.


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When Love Hurts 56

When Love Hurts 56


After Maki’s words everybody kept silence. After the verbal confrontation between Rika and Yossi, nobody was expecting that Gocchin could take part in the battle. Everybody there knew that she was a huge part of the problem, but interfere in the fight it was something that not even Miki would dare to do.

“She never betrayed you, Yocchan”

Gocchin then turned to Miyoshi and saw that the girl was looking at her with a death glare more typical from Mikitty than from her. Obviously, the girl had tie up everything and now understood the suddenly interest of the younger.

“It was all schemed by Erika” continued Maki “She did it the way that you hurt each other without even know it…”

“Why?” asked Ishikawa looking at her fellow Biyuuden member and fighting the tears that had began to flow from her eyes.

Erika smiled evilly. Even if Gottsan had tricked her to reveal all her plans, she was enjoying the situation.

“Because it was funny to see how you destroyed each other”

“But…, I trusted you…”

“And that’s why it was so easy. You felt so insecure of yourself that you trust me more than your love. It was so easy to use you…”

“How can you be so cold blooded?”

Miki had kept silence until then but with every single word that Erika said her blood boils more and more. But, someway, she managed to control her rage and made that question instead of using her fists as usually.

“They deserve it” answer Erika coldly “They had to feel the same pain that Goto-san was feeling because of them… But then, you had to appear and make things difficult. It took me off guard. You’d supposed to be busy with Ayaya but it seems that our little princess didn’t know how to keep you at her side”

“That’s none of your business!” shouted Aya.

“Yes, it is! It’s your fault that those two ended together. And you are so stupid that didn’t even know how to take advantage of every opportunity that Rika gave to you. Someone smarter had brought Fujimoto to bed at the first chance…”

This time, Miki made honour to her reputation and let her fist crash against Erika’s jaw. Nobody there was surprised. No one can mess with Ayaya without facing Fujimoto’s rage after. But, even with a tiny thread of blood running from her lower lip, Erika didn’t lose her smile.

“There’s no way you can hurt me” she said looking at Miki with a defiant glare and cleaning the mess with her sleeve “This? This will be just a remain of my victory”

Miki was ready to attack again when a strong hand took her by the wrist and stopped her.

“That’s enough, Miki-chan” said a calm voice behind her. Recognizing the voice, Fujimoto relaxed her arm and let the older woman to lower it “I’ll take charge of her”

Nakazawa’s presence was the only thing that made Miyoshi’s smile drop from her face.

“You” said Yuko firmly “Come with me”

If there was something scarier than an angry Yuko Nakazawa it was a calmly angry Yuko Nakazawa. Nobody knew how she could react and that’s why any of the girls said nothing when Erika and she disappeared.

It wasn’t until after a few minutes of silence that Maki dared to look at her friend. Ishikawa had collapsed in the ground crying, but Yossi was there, standing in the same place where she had been from the start with the look lost in the nothing. Gocchin didn’t need to see tears to know how the truth had devastated Hitomi’s soul at the extreme that she didn’t even have strength to cry.

Then she saw Fujimoto, who had begun to walk towards Yossi, and stopped her.

“Not now, Miki” said Maki leaving a hand on the older’s shoulder “They need to be alone”

Miki looked at Yossi and then turned again to Gocchin and nodded. She understood, as the rest of the girls, that they couldn’t do anything to help, just wait.


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When Love Hurts 55

When Love Hurts 55


Two girls where sitting in silence in one of the hall couches, still shocked.

“You know…, that’s…”

“Weird” said Nono ending Risa’s sentence.


Both sighed and crossed her arms at the same time. Then Gaki-san closed her eyes and laid her head back in the couch.

“But…” began to say the younger again “In some way.., I envy them. To be loved by someone with so much passion… It has to be great”

Nozomi turned to her friend. She could feel a bit of sadness in the voice of the other girl.

“Aren’t you with Ai-chan?”

“Yeah, but you know how she is” answered Risa returning to a more comfortable position “She lives in her own world and, sometimes, it makes me feel lonely. It’s like if she doesn’t care about if I’m there or not”

Then Gaki-san realized that she was saying her thoughts out loud to someone that maybe wasn’t interested on hearing it.

“Uhm, sorry. I’m bothering you with my silly thoughts…”

“No, it’s ok” answered an understanding Nozomi “But don’t you think that it’s Ai-chan who actually should hear this?”

“What I should hear?” said someone behind them.

Both turned to look at the owner of the voice and Risa suddenly began to feel really awkward. She didn’t want to tell her girlfriend about her worries.

“We were talking about what happened right now” said Nono rescuing her friend. She had seen the restless in the younger when Takahashi appeared and understood that Gaki couldn’t be open with her girl about what they were talking, at least, not at that moment “Yocchan and Miki have made things up just in front of Aya”

“It seems that I’ve missed the fun, uh? Doesn’t matter…” she said smiling and leaning to her girlfriend to kiss her briefly on the lips “I know better ways to have fun, right?”

Risa smiled and nodded as if nothing happened but Nono knew that it was all fake, and then realized how many times she’d seen that same smile, how always Gaki reply Ai-chan with a simple nod, without words, without complaints. A single thought crossed her mind... If Takahashi wasn’t nuts about that girl then life wasn’t fair.


“That’s not true!” shouted Rika suddenly interrupting Maki “I wanted to be with you! I wanted to give you everything! But you…” tears began to overflow from her eyes “…you had to ruin it all…”

“That’s something that’s gonna be always with me” answered Yossi “But I’m not going to let that single error to rule my life. The times when I believed you have passed, Ishikawa, long time ago”

Just another girl there aside Rika and Yossi knew about what the girls where talking and the feelings inside her began to be very confusing. She felt proud, very proud of Yocchan for being able to face up the situation with so much determination, but at the same time, she felt sorry for Rika. All that seemed a very big misunderstanding where she didn’t have any blame.

Yoshizawa suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to see Maki with a worried expression on her face.

“Yocchan, before saying anything more, there’s something you should know”


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