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When Love Hurts 10

whoaaa.. 10 chapters already.. i can't belive it XDD

When Love Hurts 10

The little room wasn’t the best place to do what they were doing because, in any moment, anybody could come in, but they hadn’t other choice with Ishikawa around all day.

Since they talked after what happened in the showers the two girls became even closer. Yossi told Miki about her previous relationship with Rika and the way they end up killing each other feelings, but Miki could sense there was something hide in Yoshizawa’s words. It wasn’t something Miki wanted to worry about, they had a lot of time to learn to trust each other and maybe, in a near future, Yossi would be self-confident enough to tell her all. In that moment, there was something more important to worry about.

“Lately, Mako-chan looks at me with an evil glare…” said Miki almost breathless. Yossi’s lips making her way down her neck was driving her crazy “Maybe… mph… they know… something…”

“It’s just Mako. She looks that way even at the ball with which I practice.”

Miki couldn’t help but laugh a little. She was loosing all her senses as Yossi’s hands were travelling inside her thigh and needed all her willpower to continue talking.

“I’m serious, Yocchan” said between kisses “I’d don’t like to know that they’re speaking behind us…”

“I always though that you didn’t care about what others say…”

“I don’t care when it’s just about me, but now it’s different”

“¿Aya?” Yossi rested her hands on Miki’s waist, waiting for an answer but the other girl seemed to loose all her strength at listening her friends name, so Hitomi made the next move, not without hesitation in her voice “You want to broke up? I mean.., whatever we have.., you want to leave it?”

Miki was shocked at Yossi’s question but she was sure about her answer.

“No” said without doubt and kissed Yocchan again “You’re the best that I have in my life right now”

“What about Aya?” Hitomi’s hand caressed Miki’s cheek slightly.

Miki looked at the ground for a moment, thinking how she could say it, and then at Yossi’s eyes again.

“I’m not sure about her anymore” suddenly she seemed ashamed “Yocchan.., I think I’m…”

Miki’s words were stopped by the sound of the door opening and the head of a shinning Yuko Nakazawa appearing from behind.

“Ah! Here you are, Fujimoto. Tsunku wants to see you”

The two girls stand still frozen while Yuko disappeared. But, when they were to recover the breath, Nakazawa’s head showed again.

“Oh.., and girls.., I suggest you 4th floor, service room. It’s always empty and nobody will bother you there.”

“Eh… thanks” said Miki. Yossi was too shocked to speak.

The door closed behind her and the girls were alone again.

They looked at each other for a moment without knowing what to say and then, they burst in laugh.

To be continued...

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When Love Hurts 09
yey! finally, here's chapter 9. Sorry for the wait! XD

When Love Hurts 09

Ishikawa slammed Aya’s door behind her and left her bag in the floor.

“Hey! Calm down!” shouted Matsuura “Why are you so angry?”

“Ask Miki…”

“She’s in her practice now… well, your practice too…” said Aya a little confused when she saw the sports bag “You left early?”

“It was just morning practice today”

“But Mikitty said that she was going to be busy all day…”

“Oh yeah.., I’m sure she is busy…” Rika give her back to Aya and walked towards one of the living room’s window. “… With Yossi.”

Ayaya follow the other girl. Seeing Rika-chan so angry was a new experience for her and she didn’t know what she could or couldn’t say without make her angrier.

“So...” began Aya “They are…”

“What do you feel for Miki?” said Ishikawa still looking the scenery outside through the window.

“Eh? Well, you know…, she’s my best friend” Aya replied innocently.

Hearing that, Rika can’t help but laugh. She then looked down and caressed her hair. She had to think for a moment how she could express what she really wanted to say. Everybody knew that the soloist could be a little slow sometimes.

I hope that’s not gonna be a waste of time…


“Anybody knows what’s going on with Yoshizawa-san lately?”

Makoto asked to the rest of the girls in the table. The gokkies without Kon-kon met Nono after her practice and went to the restaurant. They were going to talk about Konno’s birthday but the conversation took another direction because Mako-chan was too worried.

“She’s your friend. You should know it better than us, don’t you?” said Gaki-san.

“Yeah but, she’s not herself these days. We don’t even talk.”

“Maybe you’re the problem…”

“Ai-chan!” the other girls looked at her at the same time.

“Just joking, just joking…” said Takahashi to calm down her friends “But Mako could be right. Mikitty and Rika-chan are acting weird too. Maybe something happened…”

“That’s called love, my kids.”

The gokkies turned to see Nono, who was eating unconcerned about the bomb she just released. Then, she noticed the persistent looks upon her and realized what she had said.

“You mean they are…” began to say Risa.

“I don’t mean nothing!”

“Come ooon, Non-chan~”

“I can’t! I’ve promised Yocchan that I’d keep the secret.”

With that seemed like the gokkies gave up but nothing can’t stop Mako when she want to know something about her beloved Yoshizawa-san.

“So… Nono” said Mako “You want some cake?”



“I don’t know, Rika-chan!” answered Aya a quite nervous. “I’ve never though about Miki this way…”

“But you felt something when you saw her kissing Yossi…”

“Yeah…, maybe… I .., I don’t know what I felt, ok?”

Ayaya was so surprised with Rika’s questions that she even couldn’t talk properly. How did she felt when Miki kissed Yoshizawa? Until that night she was just her best friend, one of the most important persons in her life, but a friend, nothing more. She’s a girl, what more she could be? But then, she saw the kiss and something inside her wanted to run towards Miki and took her away from Hitomi.

“Aya, you have to win her back” said Ishikawa with an anxious tone in her voice.

“I don’t know how. If she’s happy with Yocchan…”

“No! I need you to win her back “insisted Rika “Don’t be so conformist. Let’s see… She told you something about being with Yossi or something?”

“Nno.. she’s very reserved with this kind of things… She’ve never spoke about relationships or feelings for someone…”

She was trying to remember all her talks with Miki about love but she just could remember herself talking about the last boy she met and Mikitty just listening. Even, one day, Aya asked her friend if she didn’t want to find someone to share the rest of her life but Miki answered as always…

I don’t need anyone as long as I can be with you.

And then, it was the first time she realized what Miki was trying to say.

“Oh my God…”

To be continued...
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When Love Hurts 08

well.. that's all i have for now.. give me a few days for the next :P

When Love Hurts 08

After the morning training the girls went to the shower and return to home one by one. Just Miki stayed a bit longer waiting for Yossi. She and Nono decided to practice a little more without the others around. So, there she was. Full dressed already and waiting seated in one of the shower’s bench.

Ten minutes have passed when she heard a noise behind her. Thinking that it was finally Yocchan, she turned just to found that it wasn’t who she expected.

“I’d like to know what she saw on you” said Ishikawa, who was just a few inches away from Miki.

“What are you talking about?”

“Don’t play dumb with me, Fujimoto. You know what I mean”

“No, I’m not. And what’s up with you, Rika-chan?” asked Miki confused about her friend’s behaviour “You’re already scaring me”

Ishikawa walk even closer until she had Miki against the lockers.

“I’ll make it easy… Stay away from Yossi”

Fujimoto didn’t know why Rika was so out of her mind but she wasn’t going to allow that anyone spoke to her that way. Anybody had the right to tell her how she had to live her life and with who.

“Why the hell I’d have to do that?” she replied with a defiant voice.

“Nothing personal Mikitty. It’s just that I don’t like that anybody touch my things.”

Suddenly, Ishikawa felt like two strong arms took her away from Miki and threw her to the ground.

“I’m not yours” said Yoshizawa coldly.

“That hurts, Yossi!” shouted Rika standing up from the ground.

“I warned you”

“And you dumb though that I was going to let you move away so easily?” said with her usual sweet voice.

Rika-chan tried to touch Yossi’s hand but the other girl took a step back.

“I’m beginning to think that Maki was right. You’re sick”

“Well.., Gottsan will never forgive me for took her first love away from her…”

“Uoh uoh uoh…” they heard at the door “Very bad timing.., sorry”

The three girls looked at the younger in shock.

“Nono, that wa… that wasn’t what…” tried to say Ishikawa.

“It’s ok, I’ll just…” said while opened her locker” I’ll take my bag and you can continue talking about.., well about what you were talking”

In a few seconds she disappeared through the door.

“Nono, wait!” shouted Rika following her.

Just two girls left there.

Yossi was still looking at the door when she felt Miki’s warm hand taking her own. She didn’t know what to say. Fujimoto should be angry and she didn’t want to get things worse making any wrong move. But, when she turned to face her, there was nothing more than a pair of curious eyes looking at her.

“You’re going to explain me what was that about?”

To be continued...
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When Love Hurts 07

hii! I've had to split the chapter in two 'cause it was going to be too long, so in an hour or two you'll have the next chapter. Enjoy! Oh, and thanks for all the feedback! ^_^

When Love Hurts 07

The ball hit the goal’s web with rage like a cannon bullet shot directly towards Nono, who ran away.

“You want to kill me, Yocchan?!”

Yossi made a move with her head to apologize and went to sit in one of the corners of the gym. She needs to throw away Ishikawa from her head, but it was difficult if she had to see her every day with the team. Besides, she was avoiding Miki since her fight with Rika afraid of what she could do if she saw they together.

Trying to forget her problems, she covered her head with the towel, fixed her eyes on the floor and took a deep breath.

“Something’s wrong?” Yossi saw Nono’s head appear under the towel, looking at her worried. “Today seems like if everyone here was your worst enemy”

Hitomi raised her head and looked at the girl in front of her. She still could see the kid that she met six years before through the eyes of an already beautiful woman.

“It’s Rika-chan , right? You two fought again…”

“What do you know about that?” asked a surprised Yossi.

“Nothing. Just things that I saw. Some time ago, Rika-chan and you were the best friends and now you barely talk with each other. Something has to be happened.”

“It’s too complicated”

Nono seat at Yossi’s right and scratch her head while looking at the other girls training.

“You know…, I’m not as smart as the others but maybe I can help you... If you trust me”

“Of course I trust you, but it’s not so easy.”

“It’s because you like her?” asked Tsuji like if her question wasn’t anything important.


“I’m not a kid anymore, Yocchan” continued the younger girl “You can talk with me about things like that, you know.., relationships, sex, relationships and sex with girls…”

“Wait, wait, wait!” Yossi’s face turned deep red. Who was that girl? She wasn’t Nozomi, that’s for sure. Her Nono was an innocent and a pure girl who didn’t know anything about.., about.., those things…

“So.., Rika-chan and you’ve slept together?”

“Nono!” shouted Yossi jumping from her seat.

Immediately, the rest of the girls looked at her and she blushed even more.

“Yoshizawa! Tsuji!” shouted the coach “Go back to work!”

“Yes!” said the girls at the same time.

While they walked into the field again, Tsuji took Yossi’s hand.

“Hey, we can talk later but now, can you do me a favour?”


“Don’t take your anger out through the ball, ok? It will be safer for all of us”

And then, they split and went to their positions. Yossi looked one more time to the goal and smiled.

“What an amazing girl…”

To be continued...
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i'm working i'm working...
well.. i don't know how many people it's reading the fic but i just want to say to the ones who read it that i'm still working on it... It's just that the last two days i was a little too lazy.. XDD
I've already have chapter 7 half-way, so be patient.. maybe i'll update tomorrow :P
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When Love Hurts 06

And here's the 6th..

When Love Hurts 06

“How was your dinner?”

“Great” answered Miki with a piece of meat inside her mouth.

Aya was looking at her friend with a mix of curiosity and jealousy that she never had felt before. She knew that Mikitty had spent the night with Yossi, it was something that she could see just looking at the other girl’s face since they met in the studio some hours ago. Miki was shining and greeted her friend wearing the most beautiful smile on her lips.

Then, it was the first time Ayaya saw the woman, not just the friend.

“Mikittan…” began Aya with doubt in her voice.


“Are you…”

“What?” asked Fujimoto.

“…dating Yossi?” finalized Aya with a tiny voice almost inaudible.

The question took Miki totally off of guard and she choked with her food. When she recovered her breath, Aya was still waiting for the answer. How could explain to Aya what she had with Yocchan if not even her knew it? Besides… how could she tell anything without confessing her true feelings?

“You know you can tell me anything” said Aya trying to get an answer.

“I could say the same for you” answer Miki, who saw the way to avoid the previous question.

“What do you mean?” asked a confused Matsuura.

“You want to know what’s going on between Yocchan and me but I still don’t know who was the man you were with the other night.”


“It’s not a big deal” said Miki giving back her attention to her yakiniku “I understand that, sometimes, we need to keep some of our secrets. Isn’t like if we’re not gonna be friends anymore because of that.

“But I… you don’t… I want to tell you what…” Ayaya was babbling. She was too confused with Miki’s reaction to be able to say something coherent.

“It’s ok, Aya-chan. I don’t need to know it.”

I don’t want to know it…


“I can’t believe that you hanged up the phone”

“It was late, Ishikawa. People need to sleep, you know?”

After the rehearsals, Yoshizawa went to one of the little rooms to have some rest before going to lunch with some of the girls, but she didn’t notice that Rika was followed her until she was in.

“What do you want?”

“Your forgiveness” answered Ishikawa while she was putting her arms around Yossi’s neck. “I miss you”

Yossi almost fell on her knees. She knew Ishikawa was playing with her again but she couldn’t help it. Her body still missed the other girl’s touch…

“Hitomi-chan… “whispered Rika “Can we try it again?”

After a long time, Yossi felt Ishikawa’s lips against her’s again. Her kisses hadn’t change since the last time. They still taste like black chocolate, bitter and addictive and filled with lies and betrayals. It was something that she didn’t want to feel again. Then, another kisses came to Hitomi’s mind. Kisses without pain, sweet kisses with the taste of strawberries and the freshness of a summer breeze…

“What’s wrong?” asked Rika when she felt Yossi’s body moving away from her.

“I can’t”

“Yes, you can” said Ishikawa trying to attract her again.

But Yossi’s strong arms stopped her.

“You don’t understand? You killed what we had before” said Yoshizawa trying to remain cold “You can’t pretend that everything will be ok with just a kiss”

“I’m planning to do more than just kisses…”

“It’s over” cut Yossi. But before she could reach the door to leave, Rika-chan spoke again.

“Is because of Miki, right?”

Hearing that, Yossi couldn’t help but the rage take control of her acts. She pushed Ishikawa against the wall with all her strength and didn’t’ let her make any move.

“Stay away from her, Ishikawa.”

“Or what…?” said Rika with a smirk in her face.

“I’m serious. Don’t dare to touch her.”

Ishikawa approached her lips to Hitomi’s ear and talked with the coldest voice ever.

“I don’t let her to win. You’re mine, Yocchan, even if you want to deny it, you’ll always be mine.”

Without knowing how, Rika free herself from Yossi’s arms and went out of the room. After that, Hitomi lost all her strength and fell to the ground with desperate tears in her eyes.

“Enough crying, Yossi” said to herself, fighting against her feelings. “She don’t deserve it…”

To be continued...
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When Love Hurts 05

sorry for make you wait...

i wasn't at home tonight and i din't have a pc near :P

When Love Hurts 05


Rika went to Yossi’s apartment but nobody answered at the door. There was no problem, closed doors never have never stopped Ishikawa. She opened her bag and take out the keys of Yoshizawa’s apartment that she still had.

A few months have passed since her last visit but everything was exactly like she remembered. Except one thing. Looking at the photos, she realized that some were missing. There were the ones with Gottsan, with Mako-chan, even one with the 4th generation some months after they entered the group, but the pics of Yossi and her weren’t at its place.

“Trying to erase the past, Yocchan?” said to herself while she took one of the pictures with Maki and Hitomi smiling in the backstage after a concert. “I don’t let that happen”

Ishikawa put the photo at her place again and took her cell-phone.


The clothes of both girls were spread all over the floor and near was the bottle of cream now empty.

Miki’s tongue travelled across Yossi’s body cleaning the remains of the dessert. Exhausted, both girls were savouring each other skin, enjoying every second they were sharing without worry about anything more than that moment.

And then, the phone ringed.

Yossi moved away a little and reached her cell-phone just to see who was able to call in the middle of the night. When she saw who was, she turned off the phone without dubt.

“Who was?” asked Miki hugging Hitomi from behind.


Yoshizawa turned to face Miki and kissed her with passion. She didn’t want to worry about the call. The last thing she wanted to think it was Ishikawa. She just needed one thing at that moment and it was Miki’s body melting with her’s.


Rika couldn’t believe that Yoshizawa didn’t pick up the phone. It was something that never happened before. It had to be a mistake. She tried again, but she just could hear the sound of the answering machine as a reply.

“You’re with her, right?”

She threw away her cell-phone with rage.

“I’ll have to teach Fujimoto to not play with the things of the others…”

To be continued...
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When Love Hurts 04

well, here's a new chapter. I've still have some more to translate in my notebook, so be patient :P

When Love Hurts 04


The two girls left the studio some minutes ago and they were walking down the street still holding hands. It was something that makes Miki feel better.

“Lately, I’m always saying thanks to you” said Fujimoto a little ashamed.

“It’s nothing” Yossi caressed Miki’s hand slightly “I’ve seen that you were in trouble and I had to do something. Besides, I’m really hungry and I don’t like to eat alone.”

“Anyway.., thank you”

“Invite me to dinner and we’ll be fine” said Yossi smiling.

“Ok. But…” answered Miki. Then she stopped and attract Hitomi to herself “at my apartment.”

“Are you sure? We haven’t talked about…”

Fujimoto step closer and sealed Yossi’s lips with hers. “I’m sure.”


“That can’t be true…”

“Well…, now you know what’s up with her”

“That can’t be…”

A perplexed Aya Matsuura was watching how her best friend was kissing the other girl without shame in the middle of the street with the protection of the night’s darkness.

“Seems like Hitomi-chan have conquered another heart” said Ishikawa, who was also watching the scene curious.

“But Miki don’t…”

“Maybe you don’t know your friend as well as you thought”.

Ayaya was still in shock. Miki and Yossi together? Miki.., her Miki, with another girl? It had to be a mistake. Mikitty would tell her about something like this, right? She trusted her…

“You’ll talk with her?” asked Ishikawa. Aya returned to the real world.

“I wouldn’t know how to do it. What I could say? ‘The other night I saw you kissing Yossi. You have something to tell me?’ I.., I can’t do that…”

“Then I’ll talk with Yocchan” said Ishikawa with a serious tone in her voice “I want to know what’s happening here…”

Matsuura wasn’t sure about Rika’s intentions but it was the only way to know the truth without asking Miki directly. Besides, Ishikawa seemed to be as interested as her if there was something between Miki and Yossi.


“I’m really impressed”

“Do you like it?” asked Miki with a big smile on her face.

“Yeah. A lot. I didn’t know that you was so good.”

“Usually, I don’t cook for anyone, but you’re special”

“I’m really touched” said Yossi while taking Miki’s hand. “I could get used to your homemade food”

“And you haven’t tasted the dessert yet…”

Fujimoto said the lasts words with a deep and sexy voice while she was going to the kitchen.

Yossi went to the sofa and seated there. She was really enjoying the night and what she just said to Miki it was true. She could get used to be like this, eating a homemade dinner with a nice girl wearing just a thin black nightdress…

She stared at the girl in front of her and a big smile grew in her face.

“Tell me that THAT’s the dessert and you’ll make my day”

Fujimoto didn’t say anything. She just approached Yossi while opening a bottle of cream and putting some in her index finger. Then, she licked slowly with her tongue and smile with mischief.

“You want some?”

To be continued...
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From Japan!
well... right now im at the hotel-s computer :P
it-s just to say that im here and that im writing a little, so i-ll try to update the fic when i-ll just come back home. I-ll hope you-ll don-t forget me!

PS: I-m happyy.. today i-ve bought miki-s cheri pb XDD
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When Love Hurts 03

well.., that's the last update before my trip so, there won't be new chapter 'till probably 20th july. But don't worry, i take my notebook with me and i can write a little during the trip.
Please, enjoy this chapter!

When Love Hurts 03


Aya Matsuura was running through the studio’s corridors chasing her friend, who seemed to be avoiding her. Every time she though she was going to catch her, Miki disappeared again. This time, when she saw her friend’s silhouette at the end of the corridor, she shouted to her.

“Fujimoto, stop!”

Miki heard and stopped dead, but she didn’t turn. She was avoiding eye contact even when her friend was in front of her.

“What’s wrong with you? I’m looking for you all day!”

Finally, Miki looked at her friend with a forced smile in her lips, trying to hide her true feelings.

“I didn’t know that you was looking for me, sorry. What do you want?” asked Fujimoto with a weird tone in her voice, but still smiling.

“What do I want? Just see you!” Matsuura was still breathless from her previous run. “We… we didn’t talk since you ran away from my apartment the other night. I was worried.”

“You don’t have to worry about me, Aya. See? I’m ok.”

Fujimoto was feeling really, really uncomfortable. She remembered the night when she founded Aya with a man in her doorway while she was waiting for her friend to come back home. She felt like a fool thinking that she was the only one in Aya’s heart. Then, Miki ran as quick as she could, trying to fight her feelings.

“Miki.., there’s something I should know?” asked Matsuura

“No” answered Fujmoto, coldly. “I’ve just been busy. That’s all.”

Aya wasn’t sure about her friend’s reply but she knew that the worst thing she could do was to force Miki to tell her the truth. Everybody knew that Mikitty wasn’t a girl who speak easily about herself.

“Ok. So..., wanna go out to dinner tonight? We can talk about the free days we’ll have next week and make plans.”

Miki was fighting against herself. She wanted to go, she really wanted to be with Aya, but she didn’t want to hurt herself again. Inside her, she was praying for someone to come and save her.

And there she was, like if she could hear her heart crying for help…, her guardian angel.

“Here you are! Where have you been? We’re gonna be late!”

“Eh?” Miki wasn’t sure about what Yossi was talking about.

“The restaurant. You’ve promised to show me that great Korean restaurant at Ginza” Yoshizawa take Miki’s hand and winked at her. “Come on, I’m hungry.”

“It’s true. I almost forgot about it. Wait a second, ok?” Fujimoto finally understood what Yossi was trying to do and turned to Aya, who was still waiting in front of her “I’m sorry, Aya. I’ve promised to Yocchan before. We can talk tomorrow if you don’t mind, ok?”

“Yeah…Tomorrow…” said Aya while the other two girls left her standing alone in the corridor again.

After a few seconds, Aya shouted with rage.

“What the hell is wrong with her?!”

“With who?” Asked someone behind her.

To be continued...

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