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When Love Hurts 32

When Love Hurts 32

Yossi was heading to the dance room to meet with the other girls when, suddenly, someone unexpected jumped in her way. Hitomi didn’t try to avoid the assault. She just looked at the person in front of her and remained as cold as she could.

“Happy to see me?”

“Not really” answered Yossi.

“That hurts, Yocchan” said Rika while she began to move closer to the younger “At least you should ask how I’m feeling after you’re girlfriend’s attack…”

“You look fine” Hitomi’s reply was colder than ice “I guess you’ll live”

The answer hit Ishikawa like a direct kick in her stomach but she wasn’t going to give up so easily.

“Why you’re acting so cold hearted today?” she said putting her arms around Yossi’s neck. Hitomi didn’t move a muscle.

“I don’t have time to play with you today, Ishikawa”

Another kick. Yoshizawa’s attitude began to serve her nerves on edge.

Finally, tired of staying there with someone she couldn’t stand, Yossi released herself from Rika’s grip and tried to keep on her way to the dance room.

Then, Rika-chan decided to use her last weapon to catch her attention.

“I was wondering…” she said with a playing tone “You’ve tell Miki about our little secret already?”

Yossi stopped dead. She wasn’t expecting that move.

“I mean… She should know how her girlfriend really is, doesn’t she?”

Rika took advantage of Yossi’s surprise and hold her again. Goosebumps travelled around the taller’s skin when she felt Ishikawa’s body pressing against her back. She couldn’t believe that Rika could dare to use something like that to keep her.

“That’s something between us…” she managed to say finally.

“Yeah…” whispered Ishikawa “And that’s why you’ll always be mine…”


Fujimoto didn’t know if she should be happy or worried about her friend’s attitude. Since they’d talked in the morning Aya was smiling happily…, too much happily for someone who was just rejected. It was as if Ishikawa’s incident never happened. They had lunch, talked about silly things and now they were walking together hand in hand as the best friends. It was too weird…

Maybe she wasn’t in love… Maybe she was just jealous because I didn’t pay attention to her…

She keep wondering what was happening with Aya when she heard a voice coming from somewhere near.

“…You’ve tell Miki about our little secret already?”

Aya stopped next to her friend and enjoyed the look at Miki’s face, who seemed taken aback by Rika’s words.

“That’s something between us…”

What the hell…?

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When Love Hurts 31

When Love Hurts 31

Maki’s head hurt when a discordant note went through her ears.

“You’re not concentrated today”

“Aah~” sighed Yossi letting her hands drop upon the piano’s keyboard careless.

The younger looked at her friend and smiled with tenderness. She knew perfectly why Yossi’s was so distracted but she asked anyway.

“What’s on your mind?”


“That’s not new…”

“…and Rika…, and Aya…”

“Now you’re in love with Aya, too?” joked Maki.

Yossi gave a killer look to her friend and then return her eyes to the piano trying to remember the notes.

“Baka…” she whispered.

“Sorry~ “ apologized Gocchin fixing her eyes in the keyboard too “I know what you mean… After what happened the other day…”

“They had to meet today for some GAM thing again and Miki seemed worried”

Yossi began to play and a sweet melody filled the room again. Maki was going to follow her friend when she realized something.

“What’s that?” she asked suprised

“What?” Hitomi stopped again.

“That wasn’t ‘I whish’”

Both girls looked at each other confused and then at the piano again…


“Good Job, girls. We’ve finished for today”

The staff members began to pick up the set while the two girls were standing next to each other without saying anything. They didn’t exchange a single word for all morning, just a formal greeting at first and then silence. Even the staff noticed that something wasn’t right between them.

“You’re going to avoid me the rest of your life?” asked Aya finally encouraged.

Miki not even was bothered to look at her and she began to walk away until a hand stopped her.

“I didn’t know that I was hurting you so much…”

“That’s why you slept with her?” this time Fujimoto replied but with a furious look in her eyes.

“I was depressed because you dumped me after the first kiss and she used it. I don’t know how…, she managed to make me feel alone and helpless…”

“That’s a lame excuse, Aya”

“I don’t want to excuse me. I just don’t wanna loose my best friend”

In some way, it seems as if Matsuura’s words reached Miki’s cold heart ‘cause her expression change and she wasn’t on the defensive anymore.

“You know that’s all I can offer to you right know, don’t you? A friendship…” she said taking Aya’s hand.

“I know”

“Then…, let’s forget what happened and stay as until now”

As an answer, Aya just could hug her friend tightly.

“It’s ok…” said Miki almost without breath “Let’s go to change”

“Go you first, I’ve forgot something”

Fujimoto nodded and disappear behind one of the doors. Then Aya took her cell-phone, search a number and pressed the call button.

She hadn’t to wait long until the person at the other side of the line answered.

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When Love Hurts 30

ok.. enjoy! XDDD

When Love Hurts 30

Why do you feel so bitter?

“That’s not how I feel…”

Aya’s question was still floating in her mind in spite of she refused to answer it. It wasn’t about feeling bitter or not. What led her to do all what she was doing it wasn’t hate anymore, just pure need. The need to be with the person she loved, the one she’d ever loved. Rancour? Maybe at first, but who wouldn’t feel that way when someone hurts you so bad?


“You shouldn’t cry this way… It’s just a practice”


“A smile suits you better” said Yossi cleaning the tears with her thumb “It makes you shine”

She didn’t know why but Hitomi’s touch made Rika’s heart begin to beat faster. It wasn’t the first time the younger touched her this way and she knew perfectly that Yossi was always kind with all the girls, that she wasn’t special. But Rika-chan couldn’t help that a new feeling began to grow inside her.


“Yocchan, can we talk a moment?”


They were alone for a few minutes already and Ishikawa thought that it was the best opportunity to tell about what she was hiding for so long.

“You know.., you’re very important to me, don’t you?” Rika-chan was looking at the ground trying to not sound nervous.

“Yeah. You’re very important to me, too”

“What I really mean is that.., latetly, you’re more important to me than anybody else”

The taller girl was looking at her with confused. It couldn’t be possible that Ishikawa was telling her what she thought so she asked to clear up any doubts.

“What are you trying to say, Rika-chan?”

Ishikawa didn’t want to say something stupid or mushy ‘cause she knew Yocchan hated sentimental moments, reason why she thought it was time to do something else. Actions speak louder than words.

As she was kissing Yossi, her body told her that she wasn’t wrong, that she was truly in love with that girl. But, when Hitomi broke the kiss, she knew that she was late.


The days seemed to not end.

Every time she saw Yossi, Rika-chan wanted to disappear and hide herself under the first rock she finds. How she didn’t realize before about those two? Now it was evident that Maki was more than just a friend to Yossi. The way the looked at each other, how they touched…

Suddenly she felt bad because of what she did and she ran away from Hitomi every time they met, trying to avoid being alone with her. Until one day.

Yossi saw Rika-chan in the hallway and ran after her until cornering her against the wall. Her faces were just a few inches away when the taller spoke.

“I can’t get you out of my mind…”


“How many times I have to tell you, Ishikawa?!” shouted Yossi like mad “You’re the one! I don’t wanna be with anybody else!”

“Then why you have to go after other girls?!”

“I’m not going after other girls! For God sake!

Rika-chan was crying. It wasn’t the first time they had a fight because of that, but she couldn’t help but feel jealous when she saw her girlfriend near another girl. It was stronger than her. She was insecure ‘cause she knew that Yossi needed something that she couldn’t give to her yet. Maybe she was overreacting but, how someone told her, why she got so mad if she wasn’t hiding anything?

“I’m tired of this, Ishikawa” said Yossi walking to the exit.

“Where are you going?” asked her desperately.

“Just out of here…”

And the door slammed behind her.


“See? I haven’t lied to you” said the person next to Rika.

Ishikawa was looking at Maki’s door where Yossi was just a few minutes before.

“She’s just playing with you while she’s fucking that bitch”


The tears began to roll down her face.



“I’m… I’m sorry, Rika-chan. I didn’t want to…”

Ishikawa was too shocked to say anything. She just could look at Yossi and cry asking her why.

“I’m sorry…” repeated Hitomi who began to cry too.

“Get out…” said Rika finally with and almost inaudible voice “Please…”


That night is still in her heart like engraved with fire. She didn’t want to forget, even if it hurts so much ‘cause, in some way, it was like having Yocchan with her every time she closed the eyes.

To be continued...

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When Love Hurts 29

uoh! almost 30! XDD

When Love Hurts 29

Ai Takahashi was running towards the video room as if the devil went after her. When she opened the door the other girls were waiting already.

“You have it?”

“Yeah…” she said recovering her breath and giving Makoto what she had brought.

Mako just took the tapes and went to the video.

“Hey! At least I deserve a thanks or something!” Ai-chan complained “That security guy was… ew…”

“Come here” said Risa placing her arms around Takahashi’s neck and giving her a sweet kiss “I’ll be your reward”

“That’s disgusting” said Reina, interrupting the girls who looked at her friend with a hurt expression “Not you” she explained “Them”

Then, Tanaka pointed to the screen where the rest of the girls were looking at already.

“That’s Nakazawa-san?” asked Eri confused “What are they doi..., oh…”

“There’s a lot of girls here… it had to be with HER?” said Mako

“Well… maybe Yasuda-san has, you know…, something special…” Konkon’s comment was shy and nobody really paid attention.

“Can’t you just skip that?!”

Ogawa obeyed Reina’s request and changed the tape to the next.

“That’s us!” exclaimed Risa.

“Uhm…, Mako-chan, can you make a copy of that?” asked Ai-chan looking interested at the screen.

“Honey, you’re weird”

“I bet that security guy really loves her job…” joked Eri.

This time was Reina who changed the video searching for what they really wanted to see.

“There!” said freezing the image.

All the girls turned her attention to the screen to see the exactly moment when Miki got mad and punched Rika days ago.

“HA! Finally someone hit her!” shouted Reina happily.

“But why Miki-chan did that?” asked Makoto searching for some signal that could give them some answers.

“Look, there’s Matsuura-san too” said Eri pointing at Aya’s silhouette in the corner.

“Well, she’s been acting weird lately, too” commented Ai-chan.

“Yeah but… how that can be related to Yoshizawa-san?”

Makoto made that question more to herself than to the others. It wasn’t just about Yossi anymore. She could feel that there was something really big happening between her elders and she needed to know what it was.

“Well… maybe it’s because Miki-chan and Yoshizawa-san are so close lately…” said Sayumi shyly.

Everyone turned to look at her because nobody noticed her presence before.

“You know something?” asked Makoto to the younger.

“I’ve seen them this morning… They were really, really close”

“How close, Sayu?”

“They… were… kissing…” answered Sayumi with a tiny voice.

“And why the hell you didn’t tell us before?!” shouted Ogawa almost jumping over Michishige who scared, ran away and hid herself behind Eri.

Risa took Mako from the shoulders and made her to calm down.

“Maybe you didn’t give her the opportunity to say anything ‘cause you’re too obsessed with that…”

Makoto apologized to the younger and then everybody stayed in silence a few seconds. Then Konno began to speak.

“That means Miki and Yossi are dating, right?” the rest of the girls nodded “So… maybe…, Miki-chan was jealous of Ishikawa-san and that’s why she hit her…”

“Well…” said Mako “That’s a start…”

The girls then looked again at the screen. There was a lot to watch yet…

To be continued...
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When Love Hurts 28
oh god.. I think that's the saddest chapter I've ever wrote...
No Rika's part of the story yet, sorry! :P

When Love Hurts 28

The door of the apartment was closed behind her slowly. She left the bags on the floor and went to the room without even turning on the lights. She wasn’t tired but lately to sleep it seemed the only way to release her mind from the memories. Although she never forgot, it was less painful, but because of all what was happening the feeling of loneliness came back again and stronger than before.

Why are you always alone?



Maki was staring at the girl in front of her with a surprised expression on her face.

“So… sorry I… it’s none of my business, sorry” she said babbling.

“No… it’s just, nobody asked me that before”

She was Hitomi Yoshizawa, one of the new members. They’d never talked before alone and it was a little weird that their first words were that question. Now she was ashamed. Maki could say it because of the red on the other girl’s cheeks. She was only a few months older than Gocchin but this way it seemed just a little scared kid.

“I like to be alone” she answered finally. She was sure that if she didn’t say anything Hitomi would run away and would never dare to talk with her again.

“I like it, too” she said sitting next to Maki.

For a long time, they stayed next to each other in silence.


When did she become so beautiful?

It was the only thought in Maki’s mind for all night. Yossi had invited her to stay over at her home, like many times before, but now, with all that weird things floating in her mind, to stay the night there it seemed a very bad idea.

“What?” asked Hitomi when she realized that her friend was staring at her.

Maki’s lips acted on her own and reached Yossi’s kissing her for the first time. It was just a few seconds before she realized what she was doing.


She tried to move away but Yossi put an arm around her waist and leaned to kiss her again, this time more passionate. Suddenly, the old shy Hitomi Yoshizawa appeared again.

“I’d never done that before” her breath caressed Maki’s lips.

“It’s my first, too”

Gocchin kissed her again, this time without hesitation, and let the sensations take the control of her mind.

That night passed without any other word said.


“I’m sorry…”

“At least, she loves you?”

Yossi just nodded to answer.

“Then it’s ok” said Maki caressing Hitomi’s cheek with her hand “As long as you’re happy”

A tear began to roll down the taller girl.

“I don’t want to loose you” she said.

“You’re not gonna loose me. I’ll always be here for you”


I’ll always be here for you

Gocchin rolled on the bed and buried her face in the pillow. Soon she couldn’t fight the tears.


To be continued...
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When Love Hurts 27
aah~ finally the words came back... ^_^

When Love Hurts 27

It didn’t matter how many times she looked at the mirror. It was still there. A big bruise around her nose which didn’t disappear, not even with all the make up she was using.

Rika Ishikawa was cursing the day she met Miki. She had to do something, and she had to do it soon. The question was what… What more she could do that won’t end with Yossi and Miki even closer?

Then, the answer knocked at her door.

“What are you doing here?”
“You didn’t pick up the phone”
“You shouldn’t be angry at me or something?”

The answer was a slap in Rika’s face.

“Hey! It still hurts, you know?!”
“You deserve it” said Aya with an inexpressive face “She doesn’t wanna talk with me. Why are you doing that to us?!”
“That’s not about Miki and you. She was just in the wrong place”
“You want Yossi…”

Rika-chan looked at her and smiled as if what the other girl said it was the funniest thing she ever heard.

“And who don’t?” she replied “She’s so kind, lovely and charming that everybody falls in love with her. The problem is that she knows that and she uses it.”

In some way, the way Ishikawa was talking seemed like she was really hurt or, at least, it was what Aya thought.

“That’s why I’m here” said Matsuura.
“I don’t wanna see Miki getting hurt so I’ll help you”

Ishikawa couldn’t believe what she was hearing. The innocent and pure Aya Matsuura wanted to be involved in her plans?

“Maybe you’ll have to lie to her…” she said to be sure about Aya’s intentions.
“I know”
“And you don’t care?”
“She’s the only thing that matters to me”

Love sure is a bad thing if can change someone’s mind that way. She lied to Aya, she used her in a deliberated way and even knowing that, the younger wanted to be her ally. That’s why is so dangerous to be in love. It makes you act desperately just to have the one you want. But that was good for Rika. Now she had someone like her.

“Just one more thing” said Aya.
“Tell me…”
“If we’re going to do this together you have to be honest with me”
“It’s fair” answered Rika.
“Show me the real Ishikawa” Matsuura went closer to the older girl “Tell me why you’re doing this. Why do you feel so bitter?”
“That’s a long story that you don’t need to know…”

To be continued...
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When Love Hurts 26

When Love Hurts 26

“Then, everybody agree with the plan?”

“I’m not sure, Mako-chan” answered Eri “What if they catch us?”

“That’s a risk but we have to know what’s happening” said Makoto serious “We have to keep the group safe”

All the girls looked at her but just Reina dared to say what everybody was thinking.

“Oh, come on. You’re not doing this for our safety” said her with a derogatory tone “You just want to know why your beloved Yoshizawa-san forgot your existence”

Makoto was going to say something but Tanaka continued.

“If you want to keep the group safe we should talk about them, too” she said pointing at Ai-chan and Gaki-san.

Everybody turned to look at the girls.

“Why… why are you saying that?” asked Risa.

“’Cause I couldn’t sleep two nights ago because of your little party”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” said Ai-chan trying to seem indifferent.

“No?” Reina began to speak with her mocking voice “Maybe the words ‘oh, yes!’, ‘harder!’, ‘don’t stop, Risa!” refresh your memory?”

The two girls looked at each other and her faces turned deep red

“I told you to be quiet!” complained Gaki-san.

“Hey, it’s something I can’t control, ok?”

“Then next time I’ll gag you!”

“Really?” asked Takahashi in a playful voice.

Makoto shook her head and decided to return to the main theme.

“Well, eh…” she cleaned her throat before speak again “We’ll see later what we do with those two. Right now, Yoshizawa-san is the priority”


From the other side of the studio, three silhouettes were looking at the younger girls with curiosity.

“What are they talking about so seriously?”

“Something about discover Yoshizawa’s dark side” joked Yuko.

“Yossi has a dark side?” asked Abe surprised.

Nakazawa crossed her arms and smiled.

“Nah, they’re just curious about Yossi’s private life. She’s been playing with fire lately and they’re worried”

“You know what’s going on, don’t you?” said Kei.

“She’s in love, and that’s dangerous”

“Rika-chan again?”


Natsumi was turning her head from Kei to Yuko trying to follow the conversation but she was already lost.

“Wait, who’s in love with whom?”

“Yossi and Miki” answered Nakazawa “But I’m sure that something happened with Rika-chan and that’s why I’m so worried”

“Anybody saw her since she left the rehearsal three days ago” said Kei, who was beginning to worry too “Maybe we should call her”

“I don’t want to interfere. Not yet”

Yuko was more worried than she wanted to say. She could feel that there was something big behind Rika’s behaviour.

“I hope that Yossi’s able to handle this…”

To be continue...
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When Love Hurts 25

mm, the poll is going well... For the moment still Yomiki wins XD thaat's good. I let it work two days more and then we'll see :P

Now, next chapter...

When Love Hurts 25

“How did she dare to hit me?!”

“Calm down”

“I can’t! Look at what she did!” shouted Ishikawa jumping in rage from the chair.

“It’s not so bad” said Erika forcing her leader to sit down again “At least it’s not broken”

Okada was standing near them looking worried and nervous.

“We shouldn’t go to the hospital or something?”

“Don’t be so dramatic, Yui. It’s just some blood” replied Erika “Anyway, can you go to bring some more bandages?”

“Uh.., yeah”

When Yui left the room, Erika stopped cleaning the blood and just stared at the other girl.

“What were you thinking to say that to Fujimoto? It could be worst”

“She can’t do anything worst than that” said Rika pointing at her swollen nose “She’s just an animal”

“But a hurt animal is the most dangerous, Rika-chan. You should know that already”


Maki was standing in front of Aya waiting for the younger to stop crying since they left the hallway, almost an hour ago.

“You’re better?”

Matsuura just nodded slightly.

“Ok, then, now that you’ve calmed down.., can you explain me why the hell you had to sleep with Rika?!”

“Do… don’t shout… at me” begged Aya scared.

Maki took a deep breath.

“Sorry. Can you explain me what happened, please?”

The other girl tried to recompose herself before she could begin to speak. All what happened was too much for her and her friend’s roughness wasn’t helping.

“She wa… she was… Miki” answered shyly.


“I didn’t sleep with Rika-chan. She was Miki”

“Then…, why Ishikawa said all those things? She was lying?” asked Gottsan a little confused.


“Ok, ok, ok… Maybe I’m too slow to catch you but…” said Maki scratching her head, searching for a way to join all the pieces together “…can you repeat the whole thing? ‘Cause I’m really lost”

Aya began to desperate again and the tears came back to her eyes.

“I was afraid to be closer to Miki and Rika-chan told that I had to imagine that she was Miki and then she began to kiss me and I lost myself ‘causeIreallywannabewithherandnow…”

“Aya, breathe” said Maki cutting her.

Suddenly, Gottsan was caught by surprise by a desperate and sobbing Aya Matuura who hugged her. She couldn’t do anything more than comfort her the best way she knew.

“I know it hurts…” said Maki moving away from the younger a little “…but you can’t let Rika to use that against the one you love…”

To be continued...

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A poll
ook, poll is over and here are the results:

Answer Votes % Chart
Yossi & Miki -
66.67 %
Miki & Aya
11.11 %
Yossi & Rika
18.52 %
Others (post in the comments)
3.7 %

people like bitchy Rika more than I expected XDDD but still Yomiki wins sooo no changes :P
As for an update.. not today, sorry. Yesterday I couldn't write a single word...
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When Love Hurts 24

When Love Hurts 24

Yossi was worried. She had a bad feeling when she saw Aya and Miki leaving the room almost two hours ago and they hadn’t return yet. Ishikawa was missing too, and that made her worry even more.

She stopped a staff guy who was walking to the studio.

“You’ve seen Fujimoto?”

“Mmh.., yeah” said the guy surprised by sudden request “She was at 4th floor some minutes ago”

4th floor? What is she doing there? Oh… oh!

“Thank you!” exclaimed Hitomi while running towards the elevator.

Now Yoshizawa was sure that something had happened. As Yuko said, that was the best place if you don’t want to be bothered and there wasn’t another reason for Miki being alone there.

When she arrived at the service room the door was closed, but not locked.

“Miki?” she said switching on the lights.

There she was. Seated on the ground, with her head buried in her knees and a bag with ice upon her right hand.

“What happened?” asked Yossi kneeling in front of the girl “How did you hurt your hand?”

“It crashed against Ishikawa’s face” said Fujimoto without looking at her.

“You’ve punched her?!

“Sort of…” she raised her head a little to look at her girlfriend “Well.., I’ve broken her nose, actually”

Hitomi didn’t have to ask why ‘cause the other girl answer before.

“She slept with Aya” said Miki looking at her with her eyes red from crying.


Yossi didn’t know what more she could say. Even now that they were together, she knew that Miki will always love Aya and she couldn’t do anything to change that. The only she could do was to seat next to Miki and comfort her.

“Come here” she said passing an arm behind Fujimoto’s back and attracting her.

Miki leaned towards her girlfriend and rest her head on Yossi’s shoulder.

“Why it hurts so much?” asked beginning to cry again “Even now that I’m with you, now that I can love someone else, she continue hurting me. I’m such a bad person to deserve that?”

“Of course not” replied Hitomi holding her closer “Don’t dare to think that again”

After a few minutes in silence Miki seemed to calm down and fell asleep. She was too tired. Yossi caressed her cheek and cleaned the remains of the tears trying to fight the guilty that was growing inside her.

That’s all my fault and I can’t do anything to make you feel better. I’m sorry, Miki.

“I love you” she said leaning to kiss the girl in her arms.

She could hear a whisper coming from the sleepy as an answer.

“I love you too”

To be continued...
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some changes..
well.. how you can see i've changed the blog's template but I have some problems with the title and the font colour in contrast with the image...
but well, tell me if you like it. I'll try to fix the title if i found a way to aling a pic at the right of the page XDD

ok... title fixed and background a little too...
I've tried to erase the blogger bar as in the previous layout but don't let me do it.. I don't know why...
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When Love Hurts 23

mmm... I don't know if that's going to work... but i'll post it anyway XDD

When Love Hurts 23

“Ishikawa-san… There’s something that Erika and I wanna ask you about”

“What do you want to know?” asked Rika without much interest.

Yui went closer to her and lowered her voice as if what she was going to say was the biggest secret ever.

“There’s a rumour… The girls are talking about Yoshizawa-san and you…”

“They say that you’re dating Yossi” said Erika more openly.

Rika-chan looked at the girls and smiled to reassure them.

“Look, there’s the same rumour since Yocchan and I joined the group and never happened anything. Don’t worry about that, ok?”

“But they…”

Yui’s words were silenced by some noise coming from the hallway. All happened so fast that they hadn’t time to react until it was too late.


Ishikawa hardly had time to see the punch coming. Suddenly, she found herself in the ground with her nose bleeding and trying to run away from a crazy Miki that was getting ready to attack again.

Luckily, someone hold her back tightly before she could do anything more.

“Hey! Calm down, Fujimoto”

“Let me go, Maki!” said Miki fighting the grip from Goto’s arms “I’m going to finish her game once and for all!”

“I understand you, but you can’t punch people because of that. Listen to me!”

Yui and Erika helped Rika-chan to stand up.

“Yeah, listen to Gocchin” said with a devilish smile “She knows what’s talking about, ne Maki-chan?”

“Don’t pay attention to her, Miki. She just wants to hurt you”

“But that bitch is using Aya!”

Then, Matsuura arrived where the other girls were and saw the whole scene. Rika’s nose broken, Miki out of her mind and Maki trying to hold her. When she heard her name she knew that thing was going to be worst.

“I’m not using her” replied Ishikawa “I’ve only helped her to be more open about her feelings, that’s all”

“Rika-chan, don’t…” begged Matsuura who knew what Ishikawa was going to say.

“You know…, she was very shy at first” she cleaned the blood of her nose with her sleeve “…but touching the right buttons she becomes wild”

Everybody looked at Rika with eyes wide open and Maki felt Fujimoto’s muscles tensing.

“I still remember her screams of pleasure asking for more…”

“Ok, all yours”.

Gottsan let go Miki and everybody jumped back waiting for a new attack, but Fujimoto didn’t move. She just looked at Aya with the saddest eyes she ever saw and then walk away in silence. Ayaya wanted to follow her friend but Maki stopped her.

“I have to go with her…” said Aya crying “She has to know why…”

“If you follow her now, she’ll slap you and she’ll never talk to you again… And you…” Gochin turned to see Rika “…don’t smile so happily ‘cause you haven’t won the war yet”

Maki took Aya in her arms and left v-u-den alone again.

“I still don’t know what was all that about…” said Yui confused.

Erika looked at her and then turned to her leader.

“Come on, Rika-chan. We need to clean that mess…”

To be continued...

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Thursday, August 17, 2006,7:30 AM
When Love Hurts 22

When Love Hurts 22

They were alone, completely in silence. None of them dared to speak first. It was an awkward situation that they’d never experienced before. Best friends should can tell anything, but now they have a lot to loose; a friend, a heart… A single wrong word would ruin all.

“Aya-chan…” began to say Miki

“I’m sorry…” cut the other girl. Her eyes were fixed in the ground trying to get the strength necessary to continue “I’m sorry if I scared you…”

“Sorry for running away…” replied Miki almost immediately.

Matsuura raised her head hoping to find a smile in the face of her friend that could make her feel better, but she just saw a cold expression.

“Aya, I didn’t run away because I was afraid of you…” Miki walked through the room and sat in a chair with her hands covering her face “I was…, confused”

The younger went near her friend and kneeled in front of Miki taking her hands.

“Mikitan, I love you. There’s no reason to be confused”

Fujimoto finally looked at her. A tear was rolling down her face.

“You don’t understand, don’t you? You’re late”

“You never told me. How I could know it?” demanded Aya who was beginning to cry too.

“I told you thousands of times” answered Miki with a sad smile while caressing Ayaya’s cheek “But you never heard me. You never wanted to hear me.”


“You have any idea of how painful it was?!” Fujimoto stand up again trying to fight the tears “And now that I’ve found someone who understands me, now that I’ve began to forget, you come and say ‘I love you’ as if it was so easy…”

“But it’s true”

Aya hold her trying to be as near as possible from Miki and buried her face in her friend’s chest.

“It’s true Miki…, I love you…” Ayaya raised her eyes to meet Miki’s and seeing that there wasn’t reply she just could do one more thing “I want to be yours”

Mikitty found her lips against Aya’s once more but this time it was different from the first. It was deep, desperate… Her tongue slid into Miki’s mouth without permission and tried to make Miki’s to play along. It was difficult to resist Aya Matsuura and, for a few seconds, Miki couldn’t help but kiss her in return. She couldn’t believe what was going on. The girl of her dreams was kissing her as if the world was gonna end and she just could think about Yossi.

That was the signal. That and to feel Aya’s hands already in her butt.

“Wait…” said Miki breaking the kiss.

“What’s wrong?” asked Aya breathing a few inches away from the lips of her friend.

“Aya...., I’m with someone…”

“I know about Yossi, but it doesn’t matter now” said her leaning to kiss Miki again.

“I’m in love with her…”

That words made Aya loose all her strength and she fell to the ground. Miki knelt in front of her. It was painful to see someone that you love so much crying desperately.

“Aya-chan, I’m gonna tell you that just one time and I’ll never repeat it again…” Miki placed a hand in Aya’s cheek trying to dry the tears “I think…, no, I know that I’ll never be able to love someone as much as I loved you but now, all that I want is to be with her”

Miki was going to leave, but before she could stand up, Matsuura hands stopped her.

“She’ll never love you” said the younger sobbing “She loves Rika-chan”

“How do you know about that?” asked a surprised Fujimoto.

“Rika told me. She… she was helping me ‘cause I didn’t know what to do with all that I was feeling and she told me that you’re going to get hurt if you stayed with Yossi…”

Miki’s face was indescribable as the rage began to overflow her senses.

Don’t let her put the things you love against you

The last Ayaya could hear it was Miki slamming the door behind her.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006,7:49 AM
When Love Hurts 21
It's a lil short but I want to post something before going to work :P

When Love Hurts 21

Another day, another rehearsal. It could have been boring if it wasn’t for the last events. The gokkies and rokkies were alert about any suspect movement that Yossi could do towards Ishikawa. She herself was looking at the taller girl too, but for another reason. Even someone who shouldn’t be there was looking at Yoshizawa. Everybody was paying to much attention to her and not to the work. Well…, not everybody. There was a certain girl who was more interested in Miki and she wasn’t happy looking how her best friend was smiling at Yossi.

The two in question were in their own world. It was like a game to hide her feelings from the others. Sometimes a smile, sometimes a slightly caress, sometimes a look full of desire telling the other girl to run away to be alone…

“You’re shining today” said Maki trying to force a smile to greet her friend.

“I’d almost forget how happiness it feels” answered Yossi looking again at her girlfriend.

“So, she enjoyed your gift, didn’t she?”

“I think so. But, how do you know about it?”

“Ah.., I was near the music room yesterday” lied Maki “By the way; you never did that to me…”

“We always play the piano together”

“Yeah…” a bit of sadness filled Goto’s voice “But you’ve never sang to me, not the way you did to Miki”

Hitomi looked at her friend and finally realized something.

“Maki, you still lo…”

“It doesn’t matter, ok?” cut Gottsan “Just take care of Miki and tell her that she’s a lucky girl for having you”


“I’ll be ok” said Maki placing a kiss on Yossi’s cheek “Be happy, Yocchan”


The kiss did attract the attention of everyone in the studio, but mostly of three girls. One of them was distracted thinking the reason of that until someone touched her arm.

“Mikitan, can we talk a moment?” Aya asked with a worried look in her face “…please?”

Miki turned her head to look at her friend. They hadn’t talked since the kiss and it was going to be difficult to act as if nothing had happened. But maybe it was a good idea to have a talk. They need to be honest with each one and it’s time to say the for so long hidden. Even if that meant to loose Aya, she needed to release her heart from such a heavy load if she want to be happy.

“Ok, let’s talk”

To be continued...

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006,3:35 PM
Meet 'Rika the bitch'
that movie's gonna be so great.. XDD

if just miki was there too.. *dreams*
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Monday, August 14, 2006,4:59 PM
When Love Hurts 20
ok.. here it is...
maybe you'll like or maybe not, but I fell that the story without this wouldn't be the same

When Love Hurts 20

“I want to be with you…”

Miki’s words came back to Yossi’s mind time and time again.

After leaving the studio they went to dinner and then they walked holding hands through a dessert park in the night. Hitomi couldn’t help but think that it was a date, their first real date. The sensation intensified when they reached Miki’s place.

They were like kids exploring each other for the first time. Every touch, every kiss they shared it was the first. Both were excited, nervous, wanting to feel the other closer like never before.

In her way to the bedroom, their clothes began to disappear from her bodies, leaving a path of jeans, shirts and underwear behind them. Now it was just skin against skin.

Yossi left Miki carefully upon the bed and began to kiss every inch of her body with passion. She could hear Miki’s sighs as her hands were travelling down caressing the soft skin and her tongue licked the already hard nipples.

Mikitty could feel that there was something different in the way that Hitomi was touching her. It was more careful, kinder, like if the girl who she was making love was her most fragile possession. That made her feel beloved and her heart didn’t hurt anymore.

The kisses reached Miki’s abdomen and Yossi looked at her as if she was asking for permission to go lower. As an answer, the other girl slowly opened her legs showing how wet she was already. That made Hitomi to turn on even more and she began to lick Miki’s inner thigh while looking at her with lust in the eyes. Mikitty couldn’t resist anymore, the teasing was driving her crazy.

“Please…” she moaned softly “I need you…”

Yocchan smiled with mischief and leaned to stroke slightly Miki’s clit with her tongue remaining there a moment, enjoying the sounds of pleasure that came out of Miki’s lips. The girl was holding Yossi’s head closer asking for more. She gladly obeyed and let her tongue slid into Miki’s wet cunt.

“Hmmph!” Mikitty screamed of pleasure when she felt the warm muscle came inside her. The sensation was rocking her senses and she began to move her hips up and down to reach the climax. But Yossi didn’t want to rush things. That night had to be special. So, she stopped what she was doing and returned her attention to Miki’s mouth, giving the other girl to taste her own juices.

Fujimoto complained between kisses, asking for her girl to come back down and resume her actions but Yossi ignored her.

“Let me do something different” whispered to Miki with a sexy voice while one of her fingers began to caress her girlfriend’s asshole.

“Aha~…” Mikitty smiled of pure pleasure just thinking about it “Do it…”

They kissed again, deeply, madly, full of desire, while Yossi’s fingers were playing in the lower zone being soaked with Miki’s juices before the next movement. It wasn’t take long until she moved her hand to fulfil her girlfriend’s desires, letting a finger penetrate slowly into Miki’s ass. Her tongue joined to the game and began to fuck her faster, coordinating her movements with the rhythm of Miki’s hips.

Fujimoto’s breathe became rougher as she felt another finger sliding into her.

“Aahh… deeper…” she moaned louder, almost screaming.

Yossi didn’t hesitate and she placed all the long of her fingers inside of Miki making the girl beneath her scream her name.

Miki’s world blurred as the fire began to fill every inch of her body, making her to reach places was she’d never been before. She just could close her eyes and let the feeling travel across her skin.

Hitomi reached her lips once more to kiss her and let her hands rest in Miki’s waist. The younger was all sweaty, with her hair stuck in her face hiding her shyness. Mikitty move away the hair and looked at her eyes to show Yossi how she felt, not just with words, but with actions.

“I love you…”

To be continued...

*runs to the closet and hides there a whole week*
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When Love Hurts 19

19 already!
I wonder if I should do something special for the next.... :P

When Love Hurts 19

Maki was in her way to home when someone called her.

“Goto-san, wait!”

She turned to see who was calling her and saw that almost all Morning Musume was running towards her. Just Koharu, Sayumi and Reina were missing.

“!” asked Maki surprised.

Makoto, who seemed to be leading the other girls, approached her and made the big question without hesitation.

“There’s something going on between Yoshizawa-san and Ishikawa-san?”

“Wait, wait… Why are you asking me that?” Maki tried to avoid the question.

“You’re her friend. You should know something” insisted Makoto.

“Mai and Ayaka are her best friends. Why you don’t ask them?” Gottsan tried to hide that she was feeling uncomfortable. How the hell the girls knew about all that? She was sure that Rika did something already…

“We’ve asked them already and they were as surprised as us” answered Risa “But you’re not surprised at all. You seem to be hiding something…”

Maki felt trapped but she still managed to act coldly.

“And why do you want to know it? If she’s doing something it’s her problem.”

“No. It’s our problem too” said Konno “If she’s doing something that can damage the group we should know it”

Well…, that’s fair.

“So, you know something?” demanded Ogawa again.

Seeing how worried the girls were, Maki didn’t know what she should do and she just prayed for something to save her.

“Goto-san, can we talk a moment please?”

“Of course”

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

“But…” Makoto complained.

“Girls, you shouldn’t go home already?”

“Yes, Tsunku-san”

The Morning Musume members left Maki alone with her boss.

“It’s something important?” asked her.

“Hmm.., not really. You weren’t at the music room some minutes ago, didn’t you?”

“No. Why do you ask?

“’Cause I’ve heard an amazing version of I Wish while I was walking near there” said Tsunku fascinated “I’ve never imagine that she could do something like that. But ou knew it already, right?

“Yeah” answered Maki with a smile.

Gottsan remembered how she and Yossi learnt that song together in the piano. It was the only song Yocchan could play ‘cause she wasn’t confident to learn another. She just wanted to play that over and over until make it perfect. And looking at Tsunku’s reaction, she did it.

So, that’s the special thing, huh? If you’ve shown that part of you she should be really important.

Maki couldn’t help but feel sad deep in her heart. She wanted Yossi to be happy, even if it was with another girl, but the pain would always be there.

To be continued...
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